what are Chakras and their meaning

Chakras drive us as persons. It depends on the energies that we come in contact with, the situations around us, the physical and emotional impact that it has on us, and the way we respond to it.

Whenever something good or bad happens to us or around us, we react to it. By doing so we create a way for the good and the bad energies. A good thought brings in good energy and in turn, makes you feel energetic. On the contrary, if the incident is more on your negative side it brings in the negativity that drains your energy and makes you tired.

These things that happen around us, the situations we experience, and the thoughts we carry, all have any impact on us and alternatively on our chakras.

Not all of our chakras have to go out of balance at the same time. It can also happen that some situation creates an unbalance in one chakra, then that one unbalanced chakra loses its energy. To maintain its energy the unbalanced chakra starts taking the energy from its adjoining chakras and creates an unbalance there. This is one of the many reasons why we need to try and maintain a balance in our chakras. Because of the imbalance in one chakra, all the other chakras are affected.

Sometimes very little is enough to get the unbalanced chakras back into balance. Practicing meditation with crystals or just wearing a chakra bracelet can make you feel an energy boost helping you with your challenges.

On deeper research, you can find several symptoms of recognizing the unbalanced chakras. But, in this article, we will discuss seven basic symptoms that will help you know and understand that your chakras are unbalanced.

  • 1. Negative emotions
  • 2. Feeling tired and under-confident
  • 3. Stress and self-doubt
  • 4. Anger and lack of compassion
  • 5. Inability to express and communicate feelings and emotions
  • 6. Lack of clarity innovation and inspiration
  • 7. Lack of connection with ourselves God and the universe

These seven symptoms may seem to be an everyday reaction to various situations occurring around us. But we need to keep an eye out to see and observe the frequency of these symptoms.

Let us understand these symptoms in-depth:

1. Negative Emotions

It often happens that we are stuck with seeing only the negative factors in everything that happens, every person we meet, and every situation we observe. No matter how good a situation is, we always see the bad in it or we expect the worst to happen always. This is an important sign of your chakras being unbalanced.

2. Feeling Tired and Under-confident

“What a nice day” “Yeah, but I still don’t feel like going out”

“The house is a mess” “Yeah sorry, I don’t have the energy to clean it”

“No, I can’t do it”

“I know I am a complete failure”

Do you often find yourself saying this? In situations like these are happening frequently then it is a sign that you have an unbalanced chakra. The constant feeling of tiredness and being underconfident about ourselves even when everyone around us believes in us. It creates a negative impact on the energy we hold.

3. Stress and Self Doubt

Sometimes it happens that we are stuck with questions about ourselves especially about our appearances. No matter how hard we try, we always end up telling ourselves that we are not beautiful or handsome, we are not perfect, someone else looks better than us or someone else is more perfect and I can never be half as good even if I try. These thoughts cause stress that indirectly imparts energy and drains the chakras, making them imbalanced.

4. Anger and Lack of Compassion

When anger takes the place of love in our hearts and we are unable to forgive people even for the slightest errors, that is when we need to realize, that our chakra is unbalanced. We are not always the “angry types” but suddenly we find ourselves losing our calm at every small thing no matter how trivial it is. The things that usually we would have forgiven and forgotten about seem to stay stuck with us for a longer time, thus giving way to negative energies. This feeling of not being able to forgive and the constant anger that comes from it is a sign of unbalanced chakra.

5. Inability to Express and Communicate our Feelings and Emotions

You are angry but you did not tell me that. You did not like the way things turned out but you did not say anything. That right there was your chance to finally tell you’re true feelings, express the love you felt and the share the warmth that your heart held and communicate the wish to spend the rest of your life with that person whom you see as your love and your partner for life, but you did not say anything.

These are not the signs of having bad communication skills or getting cold feet. But it means that because your chakras are unbalanced, you are unable to express what you truly feel and neither are you able to communicate it. These signs depict the lack of energy in your 5th or the Throat Chakra– which is responsible for your healthy communication of feelings and emotions.

6. Lack of Clarity, Innovation, and Inspiration

Are you always in a state of confusion even regarding the smallest things? Confused to an extent that it does not feel normal? Do you find yourself zoning out and not being able to do things in any different way than the one you have been doing all along? Do you feel that there is no will left to change or enhance anything? Do you feel that the motto of your life is lost and everything feels worthless? To some this might look like you are being lazy or just too tired or too content to do anything for a change. But the fact is that this is beyond that. This lack of energy to do something, to have clarity, and the will to change is because the chakra that drives these things is lacking energy.

7. Lack of Connection with Ourselves, God, and the Universe

Sometimes we feel lost, not geographically, but emotionally. We feel like there is no light, no guidance that we can depend on, and the whole universe seems to be a scary unknown place, in which we are stuck all alone. We do not see any ray of hope coming from outside, from the universe, or our god. We are also not able to hear our inner voice speaking to us. This is one of the most important signs of our chakras being unbalanced. This sign depicts the lack of energy in the 7th or the Crown Chakra. The crown chakra manages this connection that we feel with ourselves, God, and the universe brings in the positivity and the energy that can charge, energize and bring all the chakras back in balance. The unbalance in the crown chakra is the main source of energy for all the other 6 chakras and hence its balance is very important.

The signs that we saw above are not the complete list but the summary of what the signs look like. There are many more signs but these 7 categories are enough to understand the importance of each. The Chakras being out of balance not only impacts us as an individual but also affects our daily life because we react to situations thus at times hurting the people close to us.