Remember the days when we could meet our friends and family, go out for meals, dance in clubs, go on adventures, breathe in fresh air, gather at music festivals, travel the world. The list goes on…

Remember the days when we could hug one another, talk, and laugh freely.

Remember the days before words like ‘coronavirus’, ‘pandemic’, ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distancing’ became the most common words in our vocabulary.

It seems like a different lifetime. A different world.

Months and months of constant brainwashing and programming. Of listening to a repetitive story designed with one intention — keep people in a state of panic and fear.

Whilst majority of the world’s population has been buying the narrative, living in fear. Trying to be perfectly good, law abiding citizens. Allowing more and more of their liberties to be taken away. Trusting and believing it’s for their own safety.

A growing number of people have been asking questions. Looking at things critically. Trying to make sense of something that screams there’s way more to this than meets the eye.

Let’s talk about lockdowns

I’ll admit, when I first heard about the lockdowns and restrictions I was kind of relieved. I had been wanting to quit my restaurant job anyway. It was just a means to an end and it was making me miserable. This was a way out.

I was excited I had the time to go all in on my business dreams again. And thanks to early access to my super I also had the finances to invest in a coach. Something I had been wanting to do for quite some time.

So at first I was loving life. I had time to work on my business. I launched my personal branding course. I tackled all the house projects I’d been meaning to get to for so long.

But then something started shifting. Once I completed all my projects, I had a lot of spare time.

Time alone. Time in silence. Time to reflect. Read more. Listen to more podcasts. And little nudges here and there started to lead me down a spiritual exploration.

My spiritual journey

I’ve touched on this in an earlier post, but my journey began 4 years ago. When I started to realise there had to be more to life than the 9–5. I decided to quit my corporate bank job and uproot my life to Bali to start building an online business. Whilst I had little moments and realisations here and there, I still wasn’t anywhere near being fully awake.

And it was only in the last few months that things really started to shift for me.

It started with a past life therapy session. After reading about it in Denise Duffield Thomas’ Get Rich Lucky Bitch and then again in Wayne Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled. I knew there had to be something more to that. I felt called to do it myself.

So I did some research, found a local shaman, and booked in my session. The day came. I was nervous, but mostly excited. I’ll go into the full experience in another post, but it was profound.

One thing my shaman made a strong point of telling me was to stop drinking tap water because of the fluoride. She could see my third eye was blocked and it was holding back my creativity. I didn’t think much of it, but I listened anyway.

In the days following, I started to experience what people refer to as a ‘shamanic death’. You’ll experience many of these as you wake up. It was right around the time when the Black Lives Matter movement started to take full motion.

I felt alone, and confused. And I felt like I couldn’t share what I was going through because there was something so much bigger happening. I was in this spiral between shame and guilt. Questioning my entire existence. And I couldn’t stop crying.


A few weeks later, on one of our group coaching sessions we had a women’s embodiment coach come in as our guest.

This was just what I needed.

After weeks of feeling the waves of intense, painful, and dark emotions. It was so beautiful to have someone guide me back home to love.

We were taken through an incredibly powerful session which involved stripping off our clothes. Layer by layer, removing another layer of the fear, the silence, the shame, the guilt. And the myriad other emotions stored up in our bodies from years and years of not understanding how to show ourselves true love.

And once we were naked and truly saw ourselves for who we were. Strong, powerful, beautiful women. We were guided to love. To feeling truly at home within our bodies. Safe, supported, connected, and loved. Knowing no matter what, I’ve got my back.

It was beautiful. And for the next few days I was in this love bubble. Heightened senses. The world was magic. I was excited. Everything felt good.


In the week’s to follow, I still felt the love. But I also started to notice things.

Little posts here and there that made me wonder.

A friend reached out to me to talk about me waking up. She could tell from some of my posts that it was starting to happen. And she encouraged me to watch some lady’s YouTube channel.

I was afraid.

The things I’d seen coming out in some people’s posts made me feel like I wasn’t quite ready to go there.

It took me a few more weeks. More embodiment work. Learning about the dark feminine and how to clear that energy. Releasing more shame and guilt stories. Doing more inner child work. Reprogramming old stories. Allowing the old me to die, to make space for the new me.

And finally I felt ready.

I turned to this lady’s YouTube channel expecting to be confronted with all the horrors that I had seen people talking about. But instead I was greeted with a myriad of videos with well researched explanations of what’s been going on in plain sight. Lots of talk about the occult and symbolism. And lots about spirituality and consciousness.

I loved her. But I still knew there was more I needed to find out.

But why?

I think part of me has always known. As a kid, I always felt like an old soul. I was quiet, reflective, always reading, learning. Wanting to know more.

I’ve always been the person to ask why. I couldn’t just do what I was told. I needed to know why.

It caused a lot of issues in my role at the bank. I wouldn’t back down until I had an answer that satisfied me. As a BDM I was passionate about one thing — making sure my brokers were looked after.

This meant butting heads with internal bank departments on the daily. Policies and procedures would change without reason. They’d make us sit through focus groups, ask for our input, and then completely go against what we said anyway.




After 9 years I eventually reached a point where I was so fed up with all the red tape. So fed up with feeling like my voice didn’t really matter. Fed up with being a number in a corporation. Fed up with being told what to do. Fed up with all the stupid rules.

I had to get out.

The constant search for truth

I always had an inkling there was more to why I was feeling the way I did. But I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Delving into the world of entrepreneurship made me embark on a journey of personal development. Once you enter that realm, more questions start coming up. You start to look at the world differently.

For a long time I kept most of my deeper, more out there questions to myself.

But recently, more and more just wasn’t adding up.

Every time I did more embodiment and inner child work, I came to a new realisation. Which led me to question more things.

I started sharing stories about what I was experiencing. And I started asking more questions.

I had stumbled across some answers through my research of some of the terms that people had been sharing. But I still couldn’t quite see how it all pieced together.

People who understood could see what was going on.

They started reaching out to me. Sharing more truths. Taking me deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

Experiencing the great awakening

And suddenly one day, all the answers are brought to light, and you realise you weren’t crazy, you were waking up…

Waking up is a hard journey.

It’s lonely. It’s uncomfortable.

You die.

You’re reborn.

And then you finally find peace. Peace within yourself. And love. So much love.

And whilst you see the painful truths. You realise you’re no longer alone. You start to connect with other people who see it too.

And you realise you’re here for a purpose.

To shine light on the darkness in the world. So we can all face it together. So we can all heal collectively.

So we can create the new earth we’ve all been craving.

So, was it ever really about a virus?

My belief, no.

It’s all been a cover for something far more sinister.

The deception, the lies, the control. It goes way beyond anything any of us could even imagine.

It’s been happening right in front of our eyes.

Not for a few months.

Not a few years.

But centuries.

Centuries of having elites run the world. Centuries of power struggles. Centuries of suffering. All for what? For a few rich families to remain rich.

Think about it… how many of the worlds problems could be eliminated if the billionaires shared their wealth? What do they actually need to stockpile all that money for?

World hunger. Class struggles. Mental illness. War. Child trafficking.

None of it was necessary.

They’ve poisoned us. They’ve divided us. They’ve indoctrinated us.

And we were none the wiser.

But they didn’t count on one thing.

The age of information. Knowledge is power. Knowledge will save us.

So there’s hope

Big shifts are coming. Please don’t turn a blind eye to what needs to be seen.

They want us divided. They want our attention diverted.

We, as a collective need to stand together. Trust one another. Work together. Despite differences of opinions. Despite different backgrounds.

We can have the world we’ve all been craving. A world of peace, love, and unity.

It’s already happening…

People have been awake for years, fighting the good fight for us. And this is the moment where everything will start to come together. As we shift into a new dimension of consciousness and more people wake up, the energy of the planet is changing.

The momentum is building.

Now is not the time to fight against each other. Now is the time to stand together in solidarity. Humanity is depending on us.

The New Earth is possible for us. We get to choose our reality. Question is, what kind of world do you want to live in?