“You have to want something more than you are afraid of it.”

Admittedly, I am a sucker for a good motivational quote and this is one of my favorites.

It doesn’t actually tell the whole truth, though, does it?

After all, nothing really changes just because you really want it to or because you’re really afraid of it.

The answer isn’t in the wanting. It’s in the doing, in taking action, and actually changing.

How, then, do you move from being inspired and motivated to taking action, making change, and building a happier life?

Watch live coaching: The Steps You Need to Take to Turn Your Motivation into Happiness

This is why I have a rule for motivational quotes:

Only pin it, if you mean it.

Motivating and inspirational quotes or stories make us feel good. They talk about things we care about and often highlight the best of humanity.

However, liking or sharing that quote does very little to create actual change. You feel good for a quick moment, identify that you are someone who believes in dreaming and being positive but then…nothing happens.

Walk yourself through the steps I laid out in the video:

What is specifically motivating you? What is being expressed that you want but don’t have? What is being highlighted that you want more of? Less of?

Push through the fear, doubt, and lists of obstacles:

Fear is not a reason to stop. Obstacles are not a reason to avoid starting. Get clear on what you want. Make it non-negotiable. Break it down into steps.

Schedule each step:

The things that inspire us often feel out of reach, making it easy to put off until later or maybe someday.

Look at the steps you need to take, information you need to learn, people you need to talk to, etc. and schedule when you are going to do each step.

That’s the difference between saying it will happen and making it happen.

Set a review date:

This is how you turn someday into today. Set a date where you review this goal.

Look at the progress you’ve made, its relevancy in your life, and whether or not you still want it.

Examine the steps you’ve taken and the steps you have yet to take. Identify missing pieces and plan them out.

Be accountable for your life:

Harsh but true. We are 100% responsible for our own happiness.

If you have decided you want a change and have take the time and steps necessary for making it so, follow through. Make sure you have an end date/goal for when you want to achieve this goal.

Accept the lessons and celebrate the wins:

Failures and setbacks come with the territory of change. We can’t always gets it right the first time and just because we want change doesn’t make it easier. That is, after all, why people get scared and pull back sometimes.

Don’t quickly move on to the next thing:

Give this change time to take root. Give it the necessary time is takes to become a habit. Savor your success while you plan your next goal.

After all,

Only pin it if you mean it, though 😉

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