According to the World Health Organization, burnout is now a medical diagnosis that is characterized by a feeling of excess tiring of the body, lethargic to work or a feeling of cynicism towards your work. With this announcement, it is expected that people will be on the lookout lest they are burning out, decreasing their positivity towards their work places as well as lowering their productivity. In this article, I will look at various things that can cause a burnout after observing such characteristics at my work place. So here we go:

Overworking oneself

If you think overworking yourself, say working for upto 16 hours a day with very few breaks is going to do you any good, then you are very much mistaken. Lots of work with no breaks has been found to make your output really bad when measured at the end of the day. After sometimes, you will find that you are working while almost drunk as Arianna Huffington points out as she writes about politicians who have worked for lots of hours without sleeping while thinking that they are getting more productive.

Less break and rest

You need enough sleep time otherwise you will find that you are getting more tired and becoming less productive as time goes. This has been well documented and found to be really true. A normal adult needs 8 hours of rest otherwise they will find that they are getting more drowsy and lethargic while they are supposed to be working.

Embarrassing situations that you let wear you out

Situations such as sweating even when you have not been working out can be a great detriment to your productivity. HyperhidrosisClinicUSA says that you almost 7.8 million people have to live with the embarrassment as well as the stigmatization of sweating in public. There is definitely a big need to beat the sweating out if you are to experience confidence and feel great at your work place.