Imagine the power of a voice to move through waters. Imagine a voice being so intertwined and connected with the smallest particles of water, that atoms vibrate upon the hearing of a certain voice. Can you imagine the level of sensitivity one must maintain in order to experience that kind of healing? Close your eyes for only a moment. What is the depth and level of vibrations, in which one receives when the atoms begin to shake, from this grand phenomenon entitled, music?

The waters of Vietnam ?? have called. The musical acoustics are situated within a certain area. One requirement is that the depths of the water’s demands a transformation, within our very humanity. It demands that we become more sensitive; while treating the waters with the level of sacredness, in which it requires.

Remember, transformation requires moving out of old behaviors. It requires an ability to move through different elements, which are discomforting. Furthermore, it demands that one is willing to return to trauma, confronting it, and restoring the broken pieces of one’s Soul. Courage becomes part of the entire process. Lastly, it demands that we get used to being uncomfortable. There is an important part in doing so. Furthermore, it must be done, consistently. Before we go into any additional explanation, let’s move into a higher frequency with the very art of listening. Closing our eyes, while permitting the song to move within every fiber of our core. Letting each musical note move through our nervous system, and the vibrate through our most timid parts. Sometimes, there must be a re-awakening, that only water can provide.

The song is called “Buon Tan Thu (Van Cao).” For now, its linguistically translation will be a mystery. Nevertheless, one’s feeling of its richness (and vibrancy) will not be ignored. Every person coming in contact with this piece will feel their emotional and spiritual boundaries, shattered. They will embrace it; all the while leaving them, in search of more. Just listen for now, as water’s powerful entity of wellness overtakes our Souls.

Thai Thanh