There are times when one has stopped and wonder about the connection of different languages to water. How do they vibrate across the atmosphere, when spoken across the waters? I have found it to be an imaginary tale in its own right. There are billions of stories to tell, in this regard. Billions. Still, in Dutch domains, and one is granted this mystical beauty of four words. Wees lief vir my. Translation: Be nice to me. Now, of course, we could solely attribute this to the feelings of a person. We all desire to be treated with kindness and respect. Simultaneously, there is also the imagination of water, itself. Waters of communication-an enchanting, delight!

What if we were to imagine that water was talking to us? In it’s engagement with our Being, how would it convey its needs? Wherever water may be on the Earth, there is supposed to be that tenderness of joy! Supposed to be. However, my how things have drastically changed. Too much of humanity drowns her in sorrow, with toxicity and pollution. Wees lief vir my. Be nice to me. What if that was one voice of water; ever reminding humanity, that we are to treat her with respect and kindness. What if?

When a singer or musician performs by the water, somehow the imaginations of vibrations can, begin. Singing near any water is a form of celebration to the Divine! It is a reflection of Heavenly waters, and artistry created, within that Universal world. ?

Moving into Dutch waters, the message is still the same. Wees lief vir my. Be kind to me. While we receive love from water, there is also the threat of rage, if we do not care for her, in the way she deserves to be cared for. Just think on that. Water gives us her love. We should give it back to her, in return. This does not have to be complicated. Yet, we make it as, so.

A legend sings near the waters. In this way, water becomes personified. Positioned beside her, it becomes obvious, that water is presenting itself, through him. It’s the essence of water talk. The talking of honest waters, through the gentiliy of human stride.

Ge Korsten