Previously, and through another writing, it has been mentioned about the blessing of those precious voices, who are blessed enough to sing to the waters. Wherever those waters may be, their very voice is a blessing. In many ways, they demonstrate the power of the Most High to move through the talents of humanity, in order to convey a message; in order to perform the magnitude of Yahweh’s power. If one is paying attention, and listening quite keenly, one will experience the blessings of Heaven, in its relation to Earthly landscapes. It is more bountiful than what we could ever comprehend. Unfortunately, not many people are paying attention.

Many times, music is used as a strategy to shake up human consciousness; shaking us up, that we form a more perfect bonding, with Heaven’s creation. Air. Water. The soil. All of these Earthly ? riches are vessicles into how the Most High works in getting our attention. Those talented voices are a wealth of blessings, for doing this.

Oceans. Rivers. Seas. Lakes. The list goes on for how water occupies itself on the Earth. Regardless of its shape and form, water is a haven for the arts. Period. You don’t have to say anymore, or look any further.

There are those precious, devoted, and Heaven-sent voices who have performed to the waters. Their songs carry a watery centered theme. When their voices open, one’s mind is filled with a plethora of images of water’s movement. Some of the waves are huge. Others are more subtle. Regardless of the height, they have a way of making the waves dance. Not only do they dance, but they leap and perform acrobatic tricks. Certain voices have the power and agility to move musically with the waters. Such a gift is precious and sacred, as not everyone is privy to this blessing.

Yet, here we are, in the now. The land of Greece, awaits. Hearing the song of one Greek legend, we become ever grateful for such a delightful tune! They say it was the only song he performed in the Greek language. And yet, the viewing of one video for the song channels so much power (and emotions) into it. A consistent viewing of it makes your desire for such beauty even more precious. If only you could fly, if only you could fly; fly so high into the very magic of the sky!

For this particular singer, the hearing of his voice to the song unravels a specific depth to the nature of the song. For many, we are so used to hearing a flowing elegance (grace and charm) when it comes to the very themes of water. However, sometimes water has a metallic softness. It is that described texture, which adds spiritual vitamins to the Earth. Few had been immersed into this timber. Well, now they are. It is a treasure of movement and gentility, which

Demis Roussos