Sitting back, when you reflect upon age, and elders within the community, you will see how many of them prefer water. Some may bring out their reclining chairs and lay back on the beach, or as close as they can get to the water’s. Others may grab a chair and go fishing.? Let’s not forget those long walks on the pitch. Now, those are a perfect eloquence, for sure. Those are water activities, which are consistently connected to those elder groups. Does it stop there? I don’t think so. ?

For some elder men and women, there are those, who still have that inner sense of adventure, when it comes to water. Such could be oceans, seas, rivers, or lakes. Whatever the type of body of water it may be, just know that for older populations (and the young at heart), water still is an oasis of adventure.

Back in the Dutch (or Afrikaan) language, again. The visuals for the song, “Lie van die lewe,” portray one artist in his older age. Through and through. He arrives on the boat. If he were a captain, how would he navigate through the seas? That’s up to our own imagination. Yet, what cannot be denied is that it is part of maintaining a connection with one’s childhood; never parting with it. Didn’t you know? Youth and old age can be mirrors of each other. Most certainly.

He is still the captain of the see. Even more austere is how he comes to, make believe. Yes. He is the captain. The ship sets sail. Just know that time, are water times, are later tellings for, future tales.

Ge Korsten