If you chose your favorite day of the week, would it be Monday? Probably not. A 2018 LinkedIn survey revealed more than 80% of people do not look forward to Monday. Odds are, you are one of those people. Like it or not, however, Mondays are here to stay.

So, what can you do to make Mondays more enjoyable? Read on to learn 4 easy suggestions you can use to help make Mondays something to look forward to!

Plan Ahead

Don’t set yourself up for Monday morning disappointment. Try planning the next week’s schedule on Friday. Make a list of tasks you need to accomplish and assign them to specific days. Consider scheduling stressful tasks and meetings no earlier than Monday afternoon. If possible, hold them off until Tuesday-Thursday.

If you need to sell your team on the concept of switching up Monday’s Morning Meeting consider this, research indicates Mondays are not an ideal time for meetings. Tuesday @ 2:30 pm is considered to be the most optimal time during the work week. Meeting on Monday mornings leaves people with little time to review and prepare. Additionally, absences are higher on Mondays.

Mondays also tend to be the day we are most creative and productive. Take advantage of Monday by replacing meetings with productive work. You’ll find you look forward to the opportunity to start the week accomplishing your goals. This will also allow you to better prepare for meetings later in the week.

Go To Bed Early

Having a plan in place for the week ahead may allow you to relax and enjoy your Sunday. Resist the temptation to indulge in another late night and get to bed early. A good night sleep will improve your creativity, ability to learn new material and memory. Set yourself up for a successful night sleep by choosing activities you find relaxing and creating an environment for great sleep
There is no denying, a well-rested brain puts you in a better state of mind to successfully tackle the day.

Start The Day Right

Having a morning routine makes Mondays easier, and it can set you up for success all week long. Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet all have morning routines.

Knowing exactly how the beginning of your day looks each day is powerful.

A routine provides comfort and may help you feel more in control and non-reactive; a great way to begin your work week. If you’re looking for tips on how to establish a great morning routine, Take a look at “The Miracle Morning”, by Hal Elrod.

As you develop your morning routine, be sure to incorporate activities you enjoy. Maybe it’s a great cup of coffee, meditating or exercising. Regardless, choose things you can look forward to enjoying.

Maintain the momentum of your morning routine by trying to commit to a healthier eating plan. Even a small change, like drinking more water, can boost your energy levels and improve your outlook.

Make Monday Special

Rather than bash Monday, make it special. Part of the reason weekends are so enjoyable is because they are often when we plan activities we really enjoy. Try extending the weekend fun into your Monday. Schedule a class you enjoy, meet a friend for lunch or hit a happy hour with friends.

Giving yourself something positive to anticipate on Mondays can help retrain your brain to view Monday as a great day. There truly is power in positive thinking.

Monday is an inescapable reality. Maybe it will never become your favorite day, but you can implement some small changes to make it more enjoyable. Take the time to revamp your approach to Mondays and see how it transforms the rest of you week. How you feel about Monday is entirely up to you, so take control and make Mondays great!

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