You might have heard the term mindfulness a lot in recent years. Many people have taken up the practice to help improve their mental state. But, what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a form of meditation where you focus on the present moment and recognize all of the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing at that exact moment. During this practice, you should not analyze or judge any of your thoughts as they pass through your mind. It is not often easy for people to achieve complete mindfulness, but it does offer many benefits for people in their personal and professional lives. Here are some ways mindfulness improves productivity.

Task Completion

While completing your work, it can be easy to get distracted by all of the different tasks you have to get done. You might be someone who often bounces around your various assignments and takes longer to get everything done. To improve your productivity, take the idea from mindfulness to focus on the present and apply it to your workflow. When looking at all of the things you need to get done, set aside time to focus on each task specifically. Don’t jump around or allow yourself to become distracted by any other work that needs to be done. If you do begin to get distracted, recognize that you have started to wander and drift into another task and get back on track.

Stress Relief

No matter what you do for work, it can be very stressful especially during times of crisis or a busy season. Mindfulness meditation offers you the time and a strategy to take time for yourself and recognize all of your thoughts and feelings regarding yourself and your work. Practicing mindfulness gives you the opportunity to check in with yourself and assess the stressors in your life. Many companies have introduced mindfulness meditation to their employees and have seen great results in their improved productivity and decreased stress levels. The health company Aetna introduced mindfulness and yoga to employees and saw a “69-minute gain in productivity” over a year. 

Whether you want to find a way to reduce stress levels or just want to find a way to improve your workflow and productivity, mindfulness is a great way to achieve these goals. It will help you stay on track while completing your daily tasks and reduce your stress while doing those tasks.