Technology is the building block of innovation and excellence to ease our lives. It is also empowering us to breakthrough our bad habits for a better living. It is five in the morning and you wake up to the snooze of your smartphone glossing through your checklist of tasks, appointments and schedule at work. As you make a dash for the bathroom, you click on an icon on your smartwatch to switch off the air conditioner that works on the machine to machine communication. You sit for breakfast listening to your daily business and economy news dossier on the television while reading across headlines on a news app on the phone. Once you step into your office and open your laptop, there is a whole new heap of emails from clients in the United Kingdom, colleagues in the United States and prospects in Australia. At lunch, you are listening to your daily fix of Adele and at dinner you want James Cameroon’s avatars to entertain your kids. Welcome the new you. Welcome the new technology-enabled man.

From making guided choices for professional and personal lives, cooking food, consuming entertainment, information and communication in measured gigabytes to monitoring your health particulars on your smartwatch, is there any aspect of your life that is not driven by technology. We live in a world that is more interdependent and connected than ever before and technology is the enabler touching all out behavioural aspects and making this happen in the most unassuming ways as mentioned below.

Enhancing Your Sleeping Pattern

Do you spend your late-night hours searching the best series on Netflix? Do you fix your eyes on your phone’s screen throughout the night? Eventually, do you keep hitting the snooze button in the morning? If yes, welcome to the world of a disturbed sleep cycle. Due to smartphone addiction and change in the living style, it has caused approximately half population of the country to suffer from sleep deprivation.

On the contrary, thanks to technology we haveapplications that track our sleep cycle, highlight the flaws in our routine and eventually guide us better for an enhanced sleep pattern and a fresh morning. Once you are aware of the cause that is affecting your sleep, you will eventually work upon rectifying it- this is how technology works for us.

Reduces Your Stress Level

Your stressed mind can be your biggest distraction and the greatest barrier in aligning you to your goals. Hence, control your stress level and alter your reactions with the help of advanced technology. What is your idea of recreation that lowers your stress level? For some, it is switching to their favourite music application and calming their mind for stress reduction. For others, it might be reading articles of their favourite writer on the internet. As a matter of fact, some even like playing advanced video games that connects various participants in the same game. No matter what the face of your recreational activity is but the root remains the same- technology.

Talking about stress in your professional life, imagine a situation where you are stressed out to give your first presentation in the office the next day that you haven’t prepared for. How do you plan to save yourself from office embarrassment? You can get access to online video classes for presentation lessons and record your performance for a virtual platform. This boosts your confidence and supports you in minimizing your stress level.

Our Way towards Digital Professional Lives

What is the first thing that you do when you reach your office? We instantly switch on our laptops and login into our email- another role of technology that is creating difference in our lives. It’s not about entertainment and information, technology has already penetrated deep into our professional lives where we are insanely dependent upon it for our career betterment. Right from staying connected within our office circle to expanding our reach to acquire international clients, technology has always given us an upper hand.

Technology has organized the work in our professional lives. Whether is to hold a meeting, share relevant information throughout the structural chain or keeping the office fundamentals digital, easy and adaptable; technology has been a constant companion.

Develop New Habits

Applications on staying fit, health report updates, relax your mind, learn new things, DIY videos and a lot more, the availability of application on our smartphone is endless. Ever thought about what good it is doing to our lives? For an obese that is too busy to spend hours at gym, the stay fit application not only develop a sense of positivity in him but also empowered him to develop a new and enhanced habit that can add value to his life and free him from the tag of obese.

In the world full of applications, it is now easier to understand your full potential of exploring the possible opportunities for you, choose the right habit and eventually work upon it.

Quit Smoking by using E-cigarettes

We are currently living in an age of information being  easily accessible with the availability of internet in a shortest time span. In the literal terms of  “fire in the forest”, internet takes a jiffy to spread the news in each corner of the world- keeping us updated with relevant information all the time. With this advancement of technology, people have used internet to quit their smoking habits by choosing Electronic cigarettes.

According to various health update researches, it is found that e-cigarettes are effective for quitting smoking as it ends your nicotine day after another. You can decrease the quantity of nicotine in your e-cigarettes gradually with time and free yourself from smoke cravings. Eventually, with the advent of technology and the emergence of alternatives have not just made our lives easier but has guided us into leading a healthier life just like this smoke alternative.

Trains Your Body for the Fitness

All our work these days have become more sedentary leading our lives into an unhealthy direction. With the added threat of access to unhealthy calorie dense food has doubled the risk of obesity in the young population. Do we stand a chance to revolutionize the unhealthy atmosphere with the help of technology? Yes, in fact, technology is already in the process of correcting the odds in our lives. The availability of fitness tracking applications, calorie counting, exercises according to the body weight, daily routine, muscle gain, and many more applications have made it easier to train your body and keep it in track.

Do you find it difficult to keep a check on your jogging and the covered distance? Do you fall short of time and miss going to the gym? Are you struggling with the exercises chosen for your body time type? You need to switch to the world of applications and chose the best suitable application to serve your purpose and eventually contribute to complementing the gift of technology.


Technology is being widely used to ease our lives and bring certain changes in our way of living. Right from managing your mind to managing your life- the gift of technology has empowered us to achieve a better living with the push of a button. Making full use of it can act as a calculated guide and bring a noticeable change in our habits, reactions, physique, and attitude. Thus, it’s time for each one of us to evolve as a better and an enriched personality and leave behind our bad habits  with the deployment of technology and its best practices.