Billions of people are using at least one type of social media. According to a social marketing company in Miami beach, Facebook alone has more than 2 billion monthly active users. So, it is common for people to be using their phones and check Facebook for entertainment purposes. But, it can also be used to help you organize your life. You can organize your life by using some of the tools incorporated in Facebook such as Groups, Events, Notes, and Pages Manager.


Facebook Groups are very useful for personal or business purposes. You can create a group for yourself wherein you can post all the articles or links that you need to save and review for later. Furthermore, you can also create a group with your colleagues for easier communication. You can discuss projects or group works in the group. Other than it being more accessible, only those who should access the posts or links will be able to see them, provided that you make it a closed or secret group. The other type of group is a public group. All Facebook users can search the group and see the content. You can also use this if you have an advocacy that you want to share with other people. Make sure to use this useful tool on Facebook to help you organize the things that you need.


Facebook has an events page wherein all of the events that you are interested in or going to are located. Facebook will be giving you a reminder when the event date is near. You can create events for yourself. If you need to get a new battery for your car, create an event. So, when you are browsing Facebook, you will see the event and you will remember to do your task. It is also great to create an event for your work deadlines. You can invite your workmates to the event so that all of you will be reminded of the deadline for your work. This will surely help you become more organized because of the constant reminder from Facebook.


Facebook has a Notes tool. You can use this for writing anything, either articles or reminders. You can create notes that are public or private. So, if you need to write a note for your co-workers, you can create a note using the Notes tool and tag them in it. They will be notified of your note and then every time they click the Notes tool, they will easily get back to the note that you created.

Pages Manager

If you are an admin of a Facebook page, you can use Pages Manager to help you easily check your page’s posts and inbox. It is like having a different account entirely for your page. This is easier for admins of Facebook pages because their personal posts and messages from their personal account wouldn’t be mixed with their pages posts and messages. It is easier to organize because your personal and work accounts will be separate.


Social media is not just for entertainment purposes. You can use their tools to help you even with your personal or work life. Facebook has taken into consideration all of the things that their users need which is why it is the most used social media site. Always remember that an organized life is a happy life!