With the pandemic coming to a head, you might find yourself more irritable, more stressed, or even just burnt out. It’s challenging to realize as the leader of a workplace that you need help with your mental health, but it’s vital for you to keep it in mind. Today, we’re going to be looking at a couple of ways that you can prioritize your mental health well, as listed in a Newsweek article

Work with a therapist

If you’re struggling with your place at home, at work, or even in your mind, a therapist could be of help. Working with a therapist gives you the ability to have an unbiased perspective in talking about your time at work. They allow you to work through your problems, give you impartial advice, and will enable you to address your issues without being judged. Everyone needs a safe space to talk about their problems, and venting to a friend may lead to unnecessary stress and mess. Talking to a therapist is private and most likely the best option.

Take time to disconnect

In the age of technology in 2021, it’s not surprising to see that you may be overwhelmed by the adverse effects coming from social media. Doomscrolling is a real and significant problem, and you may not be the only one suffering from it. To combat it, why not take some time to disconnect from the internet and just have some fun with the people around you? Set a tech-free lunch with your friends so you can have fun, staying in the moment without looking through a phone camera lens. 

Create space for your own self-care

Self-care is one of the most important things that you can do to help prioritize your mental health. You’re not going to get anything good done if you’re working from home if your entire house is your office. You need to create a clear separation between your workspace and your relaxation space. Self-care can look like personal fitness, eating right, doing a home spa day, or it could even look like sitting on the couch and watching a television show you haven’t seen in a while. Creating a good background of people who care about you, like family, friends, and your therapist can help balance your work-life situation.

Build Wellness in Your Company Culture

If you want to change how your company views its stances on mental health, it starts with you. If you’re not eating right, working yourself to the bone, and never taking a break, this is the example you set for your employees, and more importantly, yourself. Prioritize eating right and taking breaks and walks when needed, and show your employees that it’s okay that you can prioritize your mental health. 


Changing the way you view your mental health is complex; it truly is. But in order to keep yourself in the best shape that you can, your mental health has to be a priority for you. Once you start putting your mental health as a priority, you’ll be able to lead your employees better, and once it’s changed, you won’t want to stop.