In my day to day business dealings, I use color as a means to communicate. In order for me to do that, I have to have some knowledge as to what each color means, and how best to apply it to life. Today, my thoughts drifted to the color Black.

Black is a foundation color, or the absence of color: a color that sets boundaries and defines borders. It is called upon to help us respect grief, while at the same time being an elegant color called upon for that special formal dress affair. Hence, black tie and the little black dress.
Further, it can carry the image of mystery. Use black judiciously and here are some ideas:

Personal power:
When you need to feel a sense of personal power or control, incorporate the color into your wardrobe.

Create limits by sectioning off rooms with black accents

When you need to assert your position without threat, black can be your friend when applied sparingly.

Black was one of the first colors that artists experimented with and, by its definition, is an classic color that helps one organize the mind according to a goal. Thinking of the color this way will make it work for you.

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  • Linda Lauren

    4th Generation Psychic Medium

    Linda Lauren Embracing The Universe

    Linda Lauren is a 4th Generation Psychic Medium. She is the creator of The Vibe™ Room Energy Clearing Spray and author of the memoir, Medium Rare. She connects with people who come to her for guidance through the color and energy she senses around them. Linda, also known as the “Travel Psychic ™ uses that energy to guide her clients with their travel plans. As a female entrepreneur, Linda has navigated the spiritual space with a mix of her own products to help with meditation and to keep positive energy flowing around you. Linda also specializes in color and energy readings and corporate consulting workshops. She has been published in Huffington Post and is a contributor to Thrive Global and Linda has been in Fast Company, The NY Times, CNN Travel, Huffington Post Live, Buzzfeed, Bustle, Martha Stewart Weddings,, Today and on Sirius XM.