Iman Oubou graced #HotTalkWithBlecyn on 21st, September to speak on “Ways Through Which A Media Entrepreneur Can Standout” in this millennial age. Answering questions tweeted at her from @HotTalkWithB twitter handle, Iman was very elaborate and frank with her answers. When asked which digital communication platform she endorse, she said Forbes is her favorite while acknowledging that there are several great platforms. Speaking on success in today’s business, here is what Iman had to say “ For me, the success of your brand in today’s business world depends solely on its visibility”. When asked about today’s workplace dress sense and if corporate is going extinct, Iman said “ I wouldn’t go so far as to say corporate is going extinct.” Continue reading my interview with Iman and get more insight on our well thought out topic. Take a moment and get to know Iman in the paragraph below;

About Iman Oubou: A beauty queen, published scientist and philanthropist, SWAAY Founder, Iman Oubou is poised to change the world by challenging stereotypes.

With a diverse, multicultural and multidisciplinary background that spans a variety of fields, Iman’s worldview is centered on championing innovation and changing the status quo.

Crowned Miss New York US in 2015, Iman also holds a Masters degree in biomedical engineering and a Bachelors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She has worked as a cancer research scientist, leading medical missions to developing countries, and is a board member of ‘Mission To Heal,” an NGO based in Washington DC.

Blecyn George Monsi: Which digital communication platform would you endorse as the most effective for a Media Entrepreneur & why?

Iman Oubou: There are so many amazing platforms out there. However I do spend a lot of time on @Forbes @FortuneMagazine for inspiration.

Blecyn George Monsi: In your own terms, could you educate us on ‘who a media entrepreneur is’?

Iman Oubou: A media entrepreneur creates engaging content, builds a reputable platform and voice, and strives to stay relevant in this digital age. It’s certainly not easy!

BGM: What is ‘Brand Visibility & Reputation’ and how important is it for ‘ a Media Entrepreneur’?

IO: For me, the success of your brand in today’s business world depends solely on its visibility. There are tonnes of copycat businesses out there so between social media, PR, advertizing you need to build brand awareness and reputation and maintain this exposure.So important!

BGM: In what ways does team playing and ‘personal network’ help a media entrepreneur to stand out?

IO: My team has been so essential to building @SwaayMedia . The different voices and personalities have all added up to create a unique site perspective and dialogue. My personal network has of course also helped immensely along the journey, whether it was helping to connect, or network, or providing me with stories to tell.

BGM: How would you describe the communication & dressing style of a media entrepreneur, are corporate wears going extinct?

IO: It really depends on the day, but you will mostly find me in heels and either a pantsuit or pencil skirt. I wouldn’t go so far as to say corporate is going extinct.

BGM: What are the ways through which a media entrepreneur can standout even with the growing media e-ship?

IO: I would say keeping your voice authentic and original is paramount. If you look, feel and sound the same as another brand online, that is so easily spotted, as you said, on the e-ship.

BGM: How important are competitors to a media entrepreneur’s growth and success?

IO: They’re important because they validate the need for your being there and being involved in the industry. Without them, there’s no room for growth. With them, you’re constantly striving to be better.

BGM: What are those things and cultures a media entrepreneur should never practice?

IO: Honestly, I’m still learning. But for me, it’s always helpful to steer clear of negative people and negative opinions.

BGM: Tell us about your journey as a media entrepreneur and how you’ve been able to manage & work with the team at @SwaayMedia

IO: It all began around this time last year, in the run up to #election2016 . I felt there was no voice for female entrepreneurs, nobody was taking women in business as seriously as men in business. I needed to change that. The misogyny that arose as a result of the election proved a great push for me to begin SWAAY. Since then I’ve built an incredible team & we’ve had a wild (but very productive) 1st year

BGM: Tell us how convenient it is to be a digital media entrepreneur and what is most interesting about it?

IO: Convenient is an interesting word. I’d call it challenging, rigorous, draining, exhilarating. I don’t think convenience can be attributed. To entrepreneurship. It’s doing the hard thing rather than the easy thing. As for its most interesting aspects — it would have to be the women. Meeting these amazing, intellectual, driven women and getting to tell their stories. It’s why we’re here.

BGM: Any last words for our incredible audience in regards to our topic and life in general?

IO: Couldn’t be happier to have chatted with you guys! Keep hustling and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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