There is no doubt about the fact that the world around us is growing along with the growth of multiple social media platforms and the digital world as a whole. This was something many experts had predicted a few years ago as they saw a boom in the digital media world. However, not many would have thought that life someday would also get dependent on these mediums, where people would use these platforms for not just socializing, but also for marketing and business purposes. This has made most of us on one side active socially and on the other side also quite critical and self-doubting individuals, who lack the confidence in our work and abilities, looking at the success of others. This has made the social media world look like a daunting task for many and an unnerving experience as well, which can even affect one’s mental health.

The social media world is a world of its own and people may love it or hate it, but they certainly can’t ignore it. Many newcomers and youngsters have even turned into social media influencers, thanks to the umpteen numbers of opportunities the digital world has offered all of us, where brands and businesses can reach to every corner of the world through the optimum use of these online platforms. But, sometimes all this may even seem too overwhelming and the more people get dependent on them, the more they would feel getting drowning into the same. Hence, it is essential to understand ways through which people can make their experiences on social media a bit positive, uplifting and enjoyable, believes Deepak Raj, one of the most prominent social media influencers with specialization in the niches of fashion, travel, fitness and lifestyle.

  • Unfollow some accounts: Sometimes, it is necessary to unfollow some people and accounts for our own better mental wellbeing. With constantly seeing their posts and content, people may unknowingly affect their self-esteem and start perceiving themselves as individuals who lack great talent. Hence, it is essential to remove all those people and accounts who do not help you grow as individuals and professionals.
  • Lower your screen time: As individuals, it is natural for us to get addicted to a medium that can show all of the world and influential personalities and their stories. This may get individuals to fill their mind with too many expectations about themselves and many anxious thoughts as well. Following the right accounts and work of social media influencers can help individuals get more engaging content that can motivate and inspire them.
  • Choose accounts that match your mentality: While following people, one must keep in mind whether they match up with their mentality, visions and ideas in life or not. When individuals follow people randomly, they unnecessarily fill their thoughts and mind with negativity that might trigger many other negative influences. Hence, one must follow all those social media influencers, celebs or accounts that make them feel happy and uplifts their mood.

Also, sometimes it is important to check one’s own feed to see how good or fair they have been to themselves through their posts and also understand all those posts that give them uneasy feelings. This allows them to be more compassionate towards themselves and motivates them to get connected to all those people and social media influencers of their favourite niches that only inspire happiness in them.