Have you ever gone bananas for a celebrity?

I’ve seen people roll on their belly’s, scream their lungs out or even collapse at the sight of their favorite celebrity.

It’s a beautiful thing to celebrate a life that offers so much value to the world but did you know that there is a better way to appreciate your icon than to just roll on the ground?

If you can’t help but daydream about a celebrity, here are some things you can do that will stir you the more.

Learn about their background. It will inspire you more

If you learn that the guy you celebrate today was once a beggar, it won’t help but inspire you more. Knowing where they started off from and where they are now is truly inspiring.

Host events in their name

Hosting events that help people come together and connect with each other about their mutual love for the one person they celebrate is a great way to honor your celebrity. There is a lot you can do to make this happen.

At the event, have some snacks for sale, create T-shirts with your celebrity’s image on them and play their music and have fans perform the songs.

 Who knows! Your efforts might bring their attention towards you and the things you have done under the influence of awe for them!

Be inspired by their values

When you are done looking at the best things that represent your idol, try to imitate those same values in your life as well. It could be that they have an excellent work ethic or they are very dedicated to what they do.     

When you are a true fan, you also consider them as a role model.  To give respect to the affection you have for them, you can try and be inspired by their actions.

Support their vision

Many celebrities run charity organizations under their name.

If you find meaning in what they do, you can support their vision by donating to the charity or sharing their work with others so that you raise awareness.

Follow their work

Look out for news outlets that report about your celebrity and follow them. Subscribe to their newsletters and follow them on social media.

In this digital age where word spreads like fire, there is no better way of showing huge love and respect for your idol than to support your celebrity on the web.

 Be a healthy critic of their work

Your idol is human and they too need guidance. Not seeing the bad in your idol’s work or actions can be an unhealthy form of obsession that you shouldn’t have. Express your love for them by healthily criticizing the bad and encouraging the good in them.

Get a souvenir of their work

If you are still looking for something fonder to encapsulate you, you can buy a piece of their artwork or iconic piece of their photograph. If these are not available, you can get a custom-made lapel pin dedicated to their work and collect it as a souvenir. This would be an interesting and fun way to keep the love for them ignited and be inspired by their light. You can get it professionally done by Vivipins

Create an online fan page

You can also move a step and create an online fan page and interact with other fans. You will be surprised to see how many like-minded people Join you.

But hey, don’t let the obsession overtake you

Though it is important that you connect with your idol through the medium of their work or the values they portray, you should never let it consume you up.    

Respecting them also means respecting yourself and your individuality. Stay influenced but do not destroy your own identity while idol worshipping.