1. Avoid watching the news or going on social media right before bed.

Knowing what’s going on in the world and with our friends and family is always a good thing. But the blue light from screens can interfere with our sleep, and news and social media can also increase our stress. So turning off the news and getting off social media as we begin winding down for bed can help us sleep better and wake up recharged for the next day.

2. Go outside for a quick walk. 

Going for a walk is not only good for our physical health, but as studies have shown, even a short walk can boost our mental health as well by making us more positive.            

3. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, pay attention to your breath.

Simply pausing and focusing on our breathing when we’re feeling stressed can help us feel calmer, more focused, and more present. An easy way to do this is with the Reset tool in the app, which allows you to create a personalized Reset Guide that can lower your stress levels in just 60 seconds, and includes a guided breathing bubble that helps you inhale, exhale, and quickly feel less overwhelmed.