Hi Wonderfully Made People! While on my way to the office I briefly discussed quick Ways to Discover Your Inner Genius & Skillset in the video below. Many people are searching for their passion and new purpose and fail to realize that the answer could be right in front of them.

Others, may also see our super ability, potential, brilliance, inner genius, specialization and mastered skills that we somehow ignore or don’t realize it’s brand-worthy and marketable as a new purpose, side hustle or full time business.

Don’t second guess yourself after identifying your skills, knowledge, experience and talent. Take inventory of what you love and like, how it makes you feel and what others point out about you. Ask someone else what they see. It’s important that once you identify your strengths, talents, skills and abilities, you should declare and receive it.

Many times, we don’t realize that we’re being watched and someone taking inventory of our influence, impact and effect on others. I am very conscious of that as an adult. When we model decent behavior in my responses and interactions with others, we teach others… I believe that it’s also important to be in the right atmosphere and environment when giving birth/manifesting “THE SEASON” to avoid repeated cycles of this… watch full discussion on this video and share your insights and commentaries with me.


  • Cheryl Y Howard

    Inspirational & Transformation Speaker, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Mental Health Professional & Amazon Best Selling Author

    Cheryl Y Howard is an inspirational, empowerment and transformation speaker-inspiring others to live their visions, dreams and passions. She is the founder of Get Your Life Back Inspirational life Coaching, Goddaughters Workshop and His Garden Naturals. She is a Mother, Speaker, Mental Health Professional, Author, Certified Pastoral Counselor and Life Purpose Coach, Minister, Blogger, and a former contributing writer for Huffington Post and Examiner. She has a Masters of Art in Human Services Counseling, Masters in Theological Studies, and is a licensed Cosmetologist. As an Inspirational and Empowerment Strategist, Cheryl 'Motivate others to Breakthrough Barriers and Propel Into Purpose.