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Why do many hard works be not for them? Is it because they have been influenced by the media which portrays “ideal life” as one of luxury and ease . Many people think that the harder you work to earn a living the lesser privileged you are, little do they know they are wrong.

whether your work is mental or physical just take note that there is benefit in every hard work you do.First and foremost through our honest hard work we care for our material needs.Thus,we can view our work as means to an end,it is a Honorable way to care for our responsibilities and more so it contributes to our respect.


When we discipline ourselves to stick with our work even if it seams boring or difficult,we can have the satisfaction of knowing that we have achieved our best  other than taking it easy way out.You might be exhausted from your hard work,and it may as well go unnoticed but just know you have accomplished something.


We do not have to be skilled to enjoy our works,we should understand we dont become skillful automatically,we grow our skills with time.In reality a person can learn to enjoy almost ever kind of work if he approaches it with the right mind-set. We need to put our best into a task in order to see result.


Stop thinking of how much money you will earn,ask yourself ,why this job is necessary ?what happens if it is not done right?by asking yourself such questions you will come to the right conclusion as to why it is necessary to do your job and do  it right,another question you need to ask yourself is,how does your job benefit others? if you do so you will see how important it is because it will benefit not only you but your employer ,customer and many others including members of your family,always focus on working hard and doing your job right.



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