Near middle age, one begins to feel like they are getting older, but perhaps you’re getting better instead. Some studies show that you don’t hit your top level of self-esteem until you reach 60. But there remain many ways to boost your self-confidence at 40, too.

Self Esteem After 40

Be willing to learn new things

Do something beautiful for your mind. Stop and think about the subjects you’ve always wanted to study and the skills you’d like to develop. Think about working towards new goals. These skills might include a job or personal skills. Being willing to start a new project like gardening, crocheting, yoga, and learn new things can help keep your mindset fresh. It’s okay to be a beginner at 40. You’re still young enough to reach significant goals.

5 Ways To Improve Self Esteem After 40

Forty remains the perfect time to start an exercise program or take a fresh look at the work-outs that you already perform. Begin by exercising slowly and work your way up to more strenuous movement. Find something you like to do to move more, like dancing or hiking. Yoga remains a gentle way to get your body moving and keep it secure. Plus, you learn meditation techniques that will keep you calm and focused in all areas of your life.

Now remains an excellent time to take a closer look at what you eat, too. Take classes on cooking nutritious meals and eat healthier snacks that taste good. Gardening, long walks and learning new hobbies are also mood boosters for middle age. If you combine moving more with eating higher quality foods, you’ll provide your body with the exercise and nutrition it needs to work better. You could also prevent diseases and damage that occur as you age if you improve your lifestyle choices.

Be a mentor

At the age of 40, you have tons of life and job experience. You also know that people make it through bad times. Why not share this vast amount of experience with the people around you by becoming a mentor. Organizations such as the National Mentoring Partnership can help you find someone to mentor. Local organizations, such as schools and churches, might also offer mentoring opportunities.

self esteem after age 40

Give up perfection

You don’t have to be perfect. Nobody remains perfect all the time. You can stay grateful for where you are and what you have. You can start a new practice or habit without worrying about doing the activity correctly. Love yourself the way you are, but love yourself enough to change if you want to.

Get help if you need it

If you have problems making changes, or if you don’t think you’re worth the effort, you might want to check in with a mental health professional to look into your self-image issues further. In general, these five steps should help you get a good outlook on life and improve your self-esteem.