Whether it be a work space, home, bedroom or even a classroom, making sure your environment inspires creativity and relaxation isn’t always easy. Studies have shown there’s a strong link between a person’s environment and their creativity, productivity, and overall well-being. But what’s the best way of transforming your home into a space where your thoughts will have room to flourish? Let’s take a look at ways you can make your space conducive to a place that inspires greatness.

Set Aside the Space

If you’re sharing space with others, it might be difficult to find a space that is uniquely yours. Fortunately, you don’t need to carve out much space to get the best from mindfulness practice – something as small as a walk-in cupboard will serve nicely, as might a secluded corner of your back garden. 

Free Up Floor Space

More floor space gives the illusion of a bigger and more spacious room. Instead of using floor wardrobes or big armories that take up a lot of space, try adding in floating shelves and floating cabinets for your storage. To keep your space tidy, you can also try converting your wardrobes so that they fit the space at the end of your bedroom (if possible) and leaving more open spaces throughout your room.

Clutter can have surprising impacts on creativity and relaxation. If you feel overwhelmed in your home, work or classroom, channel your inner minimalist and go only for what is essential. Then get rid of what isn’t.

Customize your environment

You’ll want to feel safe and comfortable in the space you’ve set aside. This will mean decorating it with materials and items that will spark your creativity and inspiration. Bare walls won’t do, unless you aspire to be an ascetic monk. Bookshelves with your favorite books will work nicely, as might pictures and cards from loved ones. Anything that reminds you of your why

Add some Greenery

Potted plants bolster your mood, and contribute to a sense of calm and peacefulness. We have adapted over billions of years to take pleasure in environments that are verdant and prosperous. A few choice plants can work wonders when it comes to improving your state of mind. 

Create the right Atmosphere

One part of creating the right space that’s often neglected in the need to create a winning atmosphere. This might mean appropriate music, but it might also mean stimulating your sense of smell. The olfactory senses are among the most primal – just think about how certain smells can instantly remind you of places and people. The addition of candles can help to light up a room, too – just be sure that you haven’t hung any fabrics in places where they might catch fire. 


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