Between heavy-lifting and trying not to misplace any essential documents, moving is stressful enough on its own. Throw a pet into the equation, and the process suddenly appears ten times more stressful. 

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help your move go more smoothly, even with the added trouble of having a pet. Read on to discover how to ease some stress of the big day.

Make Arrangements for Your Pet(s)

While packing everything up in your house, it may become a nuisance to have your pet in the house, especially if it is an energetic furry friend. While more stable pets like fish might not pose much of a problem for you, it would be best to plan ahead for arrangements for a dog or cat. If you have a pet sitter or family member that would be willing to watch your pet during the day, it is best you take them up on that offer, so you don’t have to take time away from your tasks to tend to their needs. 

Let Your Animal Drive With You

While keeping your pet away from the action will keep you less distracted, it is also important to consider their feelings. Change can be a difficult thing for animals. Put their mind a little at ease by at least allowing them to drive in your car to your new home with you if you have a long commute there. If you have a carrier or crate, it will make transporting them to your new home much more manageable. Consider throwing a blanket over their crate as well, so they don’t grow anxious by the changing scenery around them. Plan to stay at pet-friendly hotels if you need to stop overnight.

Update Their Information

If your pet has a nametag or other document with their previous home address, make sure you update this information as soon as you get the chance. In case your animal gets loose in your new neighborhood, you will want people to see which home to return it to. You may need to have your veterinarian provide you with a signed copy of your pet’s rabies vaccination and other health documents. Some states require proof of health certificates or pet inspections prior to moving your pet to the area. Make sure you read up on any laws to ensure you’ve taken all the proper actions before making the permanent move.

Help Them Settle Into the New Environment

Wherever you relocate, there is no doubt your pet will go through an adjustment period. Have patience with them, as you will most likely be going through the same thoughts and feelings. Make sure you’ve brought some or all of your pet’s belongings from your previous home. Having their space set up with their toys and bed will give them a sense of familiarity they will be longing for. Make sure you try to stick to a similar routine to help them adjust better as well.

Moving with pets and helping them adjust to a new living environment may seem like too difficult a job at first. However, many families have successfully made this move with their pets and have learned it is not quite as strenuous as their minds made it out to be. It comes down to taking precautionary steps and being prepared to help your pet through the learning curve they will face. Once you are settled into your new place, you will be more than thankful to have your pet with you.