Ways to Promote Well-Being in the Workplace

Well-being at workplace is becoming a significant part of the organization because good employees tend to switch into a workplace which provides them better well-being. This has increased the rate of employee turnover and also increased the completion among organization to provide better well-being at work. In order to promote the well-being at workplace few methods can be followed which includes the following:

Active design of the workplace

The employees shall be provided with comfortable worktables and seating which should be correct ergonomically. Also, the design should suit the people of all sizes and shapes as differently sized people are employed at the workplace. Employees have to sit for prolonged hours which increase the risk of cardiac diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Therefore, providing flexible chairs and workstations which are adjustable would do much help to change their seating positions and promoting the wellbeing of employees at workplace (Afacan, 2015).

Emphasis on better environment

Employee productivity is impacted with environmental cues such as invisible toxins which can impact the body function of employees. These toxins can be reduced by building an environment with a multi-faceted approach. Therefore, sustainable materials should be considered while designing the building of the workplace. Moreover, the furniture, fitting and fixtures, paint shall be sourced at the workplace which has low volatile organic compounds so that the toxicity in the environment can be reduced (Petrovic, et al., 2017). Also, the standards for air filtration, green cleaning, and proper ventilation should be considered.

Company policies

Wellbeing is not limited to developing environment rather it include understanding of the factors which could potentially impact the health at workplace. These factors include demand of job, style of management, autonomy level, and facilities like drinking water and healthy food (Atkin and Brooks, 2015). In addition to this, the wellbeing can also be promoted at company by aligning the policies of the organization across the organizational silos, committing to comprehensive process of change management, and prioritizing the desired outcomes.

Focusing on mental health of the employees

The mental health of employees is significant for the organization in order to be more productive. Therefore, receptive and open culture shall be fostered by the company which will make the employees comfortable in sharing their needs. This way the mental wellness at workplace can be promoted because alterations can be done on the basis of shared condition details. Establishing an open culture is significant for the employees to relieve their stress as they feel safe in discussing their problem

Wellbeing through career and personal development

When the well-being of the employees is linked with the performance of the job then it can be promoted by improving the satisfaction among employees. In this regard, career development could be one initiative which could improve job satisfaction. This can be done through coaching, mentoring, and providing training to the employees. Personal development of the employees could also be considered by initiating activities for promoting traits like respect, resilience, assertiveness, and team working (Albrecht, et al., 2015). Another way of promoting inclusiveness of employees is by providing equal opportunities to employees from diverse culture and recognizing the diverse religious beliefs of every other employee.