Teach you to make sufficient psychological preparation, adjust the level of expectations, and properly handle the relationship between all parties

Decoration is a major event for a family. It not only involves the entire family’s effort for at least two months, but also costs tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. During the renovation period, the owner will also have to face various unplanned events such as the relationship with the family, the construction party, the building material supplier and other parties. It can be said that it is troublesome. Some people even cause family discord, increased blood pressure and insomnia due to excessive stress and anxiety. Wait for physical discomfort. Recently, reporters visited most of the people in the industry and experienced owners, summing up some points to reduce the pressure of decoration and avoid excessive anxiety, and help everyone easily get into battle.

Material preparation before decoration

First of all, make a good decoration budget and prepare sufficient funds. In general, mid-range decoration will account for about one-tenth to one-fifth of the house price. In addition, the funds prepared must be 20% more than the budget as a maneuver, so that in the later stage, you will not be anxious because of insufficient money.

Secondly, make a good reserve of decoration knowledge and ceiling tiles. The market conditions and characteristics of various building materials, the main points of each stage of construction, and basic construction supervision knowledge must be mastered. For related knowledge points, I suggest you refer to the home weekly of this newspaper every Wednesday, which can be retrieved by date through the electronic version of this newspaper.

Third, the business owner goes to the property company to complete the start-up procedures, and assists and urges the construction party to go to the property company to apply for transportation material permits and worker construction permits as required. Otherwise, it is very likely to encounter embarrassing things that the materials cannot be shipped in or the property stops due to incomplete documents after the start of construction.

Fourth, confirm that the demolition and modification plan meets the requirements of the property company. Many property companies do not allow demolition of walls, even non-load-bearing walls. The design plan is forced to change in the middle to make people angry!

Be mentally prepared before decoration

First of all, before the decoration, you must fully understand the complexity and challenge of the decoration, and be prepared for the difficulties and hardships during the decoration process, so as not to temporarily panic and increase the pressure. At the same time, keep your mentality normal, optimistic and open-minded, and don’t worry too much. Even if there are mistakes and lessons, don’t blame others and blame others, and solve whatever problems arise. Face the mistakes, frustrations and disappointments calmly, get rid of guilt and relieve the pressure of fear.

Second, we must adjust the level of expectations. Expectation level is an important factor affecting decoration anxiety. Excessive expectations will produce strong psychological pressure and severe psychological anxiety. It is necessary to make appropriate estimates and set achievable goals based on their actual conditions. Not pursuing 100% perfection, giving up is also an art. Under normal circumstances, the level of decoration should be based on the goals that can be achieved, or even lower the requirements, so that you can be confident and confident, put down your burdens, and go lightly.