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Whether you love your job or not, you likely experience stressful situations while you are working. Nearly every job comes with some amount of tension. If you find yourself getting anxious throughout the day, read on to get some ideas to help combat stress.


Sometimes one of the best things for dealing with stress is simply talking about what is bothering you. For example, perhaps you are a truck driver who is constantly on the road, which makes it difficult to find time for calming practices. After a tiring day of utilizing your GPS for fleet vehicles, you just want some time for yourself to destress. Though your options are limited, something you likely have at hand is your phone. Dial a family member or close friend and talk to him or her about what is on your mind. Since schedules can get hectic, try to plan a time to chat beforehand so you know the person will be available. A conversation to get everything off your chest, as well as getting someone else’s perspective, can do wonders for reducing stress.


Mediating is a great way to refocus your thoughts on the positive aspects of your life. To meditate, find a quiet space and get in a comfortable position, such as cross-legged or lying down. Close your eyes and focus on each breath you take. Clear your mind of all the stressful items you have been worrying about. This is an excellent way to find peace during a chaotic time.


Working out is a fantastic way to fight tension. Exercising causes your brain to create a chemical, called endorphins, that functions like a natural painkiller. Additionally, endorphins help you sleep. Who doesn’t feel better after a good night of rest?

If you do not have any workouts you are familiar with, try different types to see what you like. If you enjoy group settings, research local gyms to see what classes they offer. Many gyms will give you a free week pass so you can experience the classes before signing up. If you enjoy being outside, try some outdoor workouts like biking, running, rollerblading or swimming. If you have kids or a particularly chaotic schedule and it is too difficult to get out of the house, there are plenty of online workouts you can utilize for free. Search for the workout you are interested in on YouTube for numerous free videos.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful tool for melting away anxiety. Essential oils are derived from plants; they are particularly fragrant and used as a natural addition for a variety of products, including soaps, cleaners and lotions. To improve moods and health, people will diffuse the oils, use them topically or ingest them.

For example, the brand Young Living offers a variety of pure essential oils and products. They even have an oil blend known as Stress Away. This blend is made up of a combination of oils, including Lavender and Cedarwood. The oil can be applied topically or diffused to give your room a fresh, relaxing scent, perfect for easing tension at work!


Remember when you were young and fought bath time like it was the end of the world? Gone are those days! Do not underestimate the impact a hot, relaxing bath can have after a stressful day.

If you are married or have kids, tell your significant other you are not to be disturbed during your bath time; nothing takes away from the unwinding experience quite like a husband or child bursting through the door. Use a bubble bath or essential oil to enhance the experience with relaxing aromas. Play music in the background while you read a book, or watch a movie or show. If you are tired, simply use the time to shut your eyes and tune out the world.

There is no way to stop stress from creeping in during your time at work. The key is to take time for yourself to relax and refocus your energy. Apply these recommendations to help combat any anxiety you experience from your career.