Sometimes we feel that some particular event has been experienced in past but you never get the idea how and why you feel the same. In science, we call it intuition. It is said to be the ability to sense or feel about something which is not yet happened. It is said to be an extension of you. It is not only sensing but also understanding your own self. Whatever you do, you develop an intuition about the results. This is what we call understanding. But it is very needed to sharpen your intuitions regularly so that you mind remains active as well as creative.

There are quite numerous ways denoted by experts which help you to sharpen your intuitions. You have to choose your own way or the way which suits your capability or thinking process. It’s not that every idea is suitable for every person. It differs from person to person. Some ideas are commonly effective to everyone but most of the ways are suitable according to your personality.

Spending Some Time in Silence

It is one of the most simple but most effective ways to sharpen your intuitions. It gives time to new thoughts to enter your mind. It helps to calm down your mind from any stress or everyday tensions. You will come to know more about yourself and able to discover your inner strength. Like we fail to listen what the other person is saying when at a crowded place, similarly you fail to listen your inner voice when your mind is covered with loud voices of different useless thoughts.

Do what you like to

Have you ever feel, when we were children we can spend hours doing our favourite things which may be reading books, playing with toys or whatever. This explains that we love to do the things which we like. Most of us are forced to do such things which they don’t like or feel about, but are necessary to earn their living. And for the whole life, we live like a machine. That too is necessary, but get some time to do what you like. Watch movies, read comics, giggling with friends or kids, doing exercise are the best options.

Nature: The best therapy

Nature has the power to heel all the wounds of your mind and heart. You feel light by mind and recover your soul. Go outside to feel the fresh air, play with small kids or your pets, spend some time at open areas like park etc, read books, do whatever makes you feel relax and happy. A happy mind leads to sharpen your intuitions.

Diary writing

Sometimes we are not able to share our feelings to others and feel burdened in mind. In such cases, writing it down helps a lot. When you have questions, write down and ask yourself the answer. Whenever you get the answer, write down. This excise not only lightens your mind wait but also make you take right decisions. You can even write about dreams. This help to take right path for your future.

Physical Exercise

This does not mean doing the same for just keeping your body fit. It helps you relax your mind too. People now are mostly engaged in yoga, Pilates or some other form. The form never matters, what matters is that you find the peace in your mind. Physical strength is an additional benefit. Yoga forms help you better to sharpen your intuitions. Even walking in nature helps you in the similar way.

I can do it therapy

This is the most powerful therapy to sharpen your intuitions. When you start believing in yourself, you feel the power from inside. You will start acknowledging your inner vibes. You always feel vibes when you meet a person, positive or negative but recognizing your own vibe is more important.