Ways to Stay Trendy on a Budget!

Social media and the internet have made everyone of all age groups aware of the growing trends, the lushest stores, and expensive luxurious brands. However, many find it a challenge to adopt a trendy lifestyle.

Contrary to the common perception, to be trendy, possessing millions of dollars is not necessary! Anyone can make these tips work for them to achieve a fashionable lifestyle:

Staples are Versatile

When shopping, make staples your priority. Find basics that are cool and trendy but not over the top, one of a kind piece. Plain, monochrome T-shirts of different designs, basic pants, shorts, Classic denims, and leather jackets may sound boring but they offer versatility when it comes to styling them for different occasions. Accessories can always be added on top of a plain dress or suit to glam-up the look.

Sell Your Old Stuff

At the beginning of every season, make it a habit to declutter and clear your closet off of the pieces that you have not used in a long time. If you like them, keep them for the upcoming season and if you hate it, don’t throw it away; sell it!

Sell your old shoes, dresses, and accessories to friends/ families or even on your social media. There are different apps like VarageSale, ThredUp, and ReFashioner where you can easily resale your used clothing at a fair price. Gained money then can be used to fill your closet with the pieces that you can actually wear the next season.

Stay Away from Brands

Everyone wants to shop at the huge exquisite stores filled with the latest exceptional designs. However, even if you have all the treasure from the “Cave of Wonders in Agrabah” it won’t be enough. There are many alternative resellers online that provides original goods at a lower price. Godsey Supply is one of those brands that offer the lowest prices for 100% authentic products. When you’re on a low budget and in dire need of some trendy kicks, Godsey Supply is the best place to invest in some long lasting great quality shoes.

Go Thrifting

Before going to any mall for shopping, when on a budget, thrifting can be the best option. It is not necessary that you’ll always find the best bargains or products but other times you can find some gems waiting for you in the thrift stores. If not clothes and shoes, one can easily find phenomenal accessories that look as good as new.

Be Creative

No matter what you buy and for how much you buy, you need to be creative to be trendy. If you stick to buying classic and staple clothing items, you need to adopt a DIY approach also if you need to bring up those old denims. You can always print your own designs on the T-shirts for a lot cheaper than store-bought graphic T-shirts. Similar other ways like; sewing pearls or ripping plain blue jeans is always a great way to add the oomph to staple items.

Trends come and go, you can’t discard everything in exchange for a new one each season. It is always better to be creative and think of different ways to achieve the same trendy looks that others spend hundreds of dollars on.