Ways To Talk To Your Company About Entering Rehab

If you are employed and feel you need to enter an addiction treatment center, you may be concerned about addressing the issue with your company.

But there are several effective ways to talk to your company about it to assure you get the help you need.

Entering Rehab And Your Job

Millions of people go to accredited addiction treatment centers every year, but some may not enter treatment because of concerns about being fired.

There is no way to say for sure what will happen when you enter rehab, but there are some situations where an employer may be able to terminate your employment.

However, drug treatment experts stress that you’re much better off going to treatment and using state and federal protections to protect your job than if you continue to use drugs on the job.

Companies are not required by federal law to protect your job if your addiction damages your ability to work. However, many employers will save your job for you if you go to rehab.

Have A Conversation As Soon As Possible

A person with a drug or alcohol problem can have issues that quickly get out of control. So, you should talk to your employer as soon as possible about attending treatment.

Instead of avoiding the issue and letting the problem affect your work, your employer will probably appreciate a frank conversation about the subject.

Be Honest

When you finally talk to your supervisor about going to a drug treatment facility, always be honest.

Your supervisor has likely noticed a drop in productivity and may suspect you have an addiction issue.

But whether they know you have a problem or not, be upfront about the situation. When you’re honest, your employer will see that you want to stay with the company and get better.

When you have the support of your supervisor, you’re more likely to recover and get back to work quickly.

Give Your Boss A Plan

You can increase the chances of keeping your job if you give your employer a plan to cover your work while you are away. This can significantly increase the chances that they will hold your position for you.

For example, suppose you are a marketing specialist. In that case, you can provide your supervisor with a plan to delegate your various duties to others temporarily as you get the treatment you need.

Don’t Tell Your Coworkers

It may be tempting to tell people you work with that you are thinking about entering treatment. But office gossip will spread quickly, so you should avoid telling your co-workers before telling the boss. This gives you the chance to craft the message before it is distorted through office channels. And it’s always best if your supervisors hear this news from you first.

After you have told your boss, you should talk to your coworkers about how they can help you get your work done while you’re away.

Talk To HR

It also is essential to speak with your HR department to see if the business offers Employee Assistance Programs or EAP. These programs are offered by some companies to help workers with personal issues, including addiction.

If your organization does offer an EAP, it can help you find an accredited treatment facility or even drug treatment counseling.

It always is difficult to talk to an employer about entering a substance abuse program. But if you plan things out and are honest, you can often get the company on your side and ensure that your job will be waiting for you when you recover.