Life will often mess you up by not turning out as you thought or even planned. This does not, however, mean that you should remain stuck at the point in which life has left you. You should instead male all effort to turn your life around and start afresh.

You should have as many fresh begins as your life requires until you get where you want to be. You may be feeling demoralized and lost and wondering if there is indeed a way that will work to give you better results. Cheer up because I am going to teach you guaranteed ways you can change your life after facing setbacks. Read below to learn how.

Read everyday

“Knowledge is power” is not just a meaningless saying but a reality. When you make a habit of reading useful material every day, you will accumulate knowledge in several fields. The knowledge you gain will then help you in propelling your life forward. Reading increases the power of your brain expanding your thinking. As you read, you will obtain valuable information and become focused, which will then transform your life.


Studies have shown that reading improves your mood and reduces the effects of stress. This means you will be mentally fit to set your goals and act on them. Exercise also keeps you healthy helping you to be at your optimum to accomplish your goals. Exercise also enables you to improve your creativity, which means you can activate your creative side and turn your life around.

Listen to inspirational teachings

Inspirational teachings just like reading a book, is a great source of knowledge. It is therefore advisable to listen to people who offer teachings that have a positive take away. These teachings when used well in your life, will motivate you and help change your life. They are especially useful because you can follow step by step what the speaker did to improve their own lives. You can listen to these teachings on your phone to work or in your car.

Work on your relationships

Relationships can make you or break you and as such, you should ensure they work to serve you. When you want to turn your life around you should go all out and make new friends. Go to places where you are likely to meet new people and start conversations. These people will work as your network and you don’t know where this could lead you.

Similarly, do not neglect your old friends for the same reason. You should also work to get rid of relationships that drag you down and keep reminding you of your failed past.

Create goals and write them down

Life is a serious business that needs to be planned meticulously. It doesn’t mean your plans will work to a tee but a planned life will more likely succeed than a life being lived on trial and error. This makes sense because come to think about it; you plan in great detail no-important stuff like what to wear to a concert, an outing, and church. You should plan your whole life with the same zeal. You can do this successfully by coming up with goals and writing them down. Writing them helps you ponder them as you write as well as give you a reference point.

Learn a new skill

Teaching yourself to do new things might unleash a hidden talent that you didn’t know you had. This skill might act as the much-needed push to move your life forward. At the same time, new skills will boost your resume and make you likely to get a better job based on your extensive expertise.

Accept things as they are

Acceptance is the first step towards turning your new life. This is because you will realize the need to rework your life as contrasted to when you don’t accept you have failed. Once you accept things are not where you want them to be, you will start acting to move it where you would like it to be. Acceptance will also help you see things clearly as opposed to being in denial and idly waiting for things to be as they used to.

Manage your time well

Time is your biggest asset, and when used well can move your life to heights, you never thought possible. Learning to manage your time will enable you to achieve success because time is what you most to do all the things you need to. Managing your time will help you to take control of your life and not just go with the flow. Planning your time well will enable you to achieve more every day and get motivated to keep doing it.

Final word

Moving on towards a better life after failing may seem like a daunting task. You might be bombarded by thoughts of your past failure and how you cannot do any better. Ignore all these negative thoughts and give life another go. With discipline and persistence, you will become successful.

Using the ways we have learnt above either individually or in combination will steer you to heights you never thought possible. Just take them one step at a time and keep repeating and incorporating each one of them. You can start with what looks most doable to you and success in that one area will stoke the fire and give you the courage to try other ways.