When the pandemic started, many healthcare workers found themselves on the front lines of what many have described as feeling like a war. Nurses, doctors, and patient care aides have held hands with patients, offered consoling words to patients, and did their best to stop the worst effects of COVID from happening. Now, they’ve found that their job is still not done. Showing healthcare workers a little love right now is greatly appreciated, and these ideas are all simple ways to spread some kindness.

Limit the Spread of COVID

Healthcare workers are currently overburdened by staff shortages, overfilling hospitals, and a lack of equipment. While you might not be able to send in a relief crew, you can do your part to avoid adding more work to their duties. Practice following all of the CDC, state, and local guidelines for stopping the spread of the virus. Wear a mask, get vaccinated if you can, and keep washing your hands. One of the best ways to support a nurse is to avoid showing up in their hospital room.

Send a Message of Gratitude

It doesn’t take long to send a text or handwritten card. While this show of support might take you a few minutes, your healthcare worker can read it over and over again. You never know when your kind words might be what helps someone make it through another shift or decide to go back to work after a particularly hard day.

Avoid Overloading Them With Questions

Healthcare workers may have the best inside look at what is going on, and you know that they are trained in the latest strategies for handling the virus. However, they may not want to talk about COVID right when they get off of work. Give them time to process what they are going through by looking for other sources of information. Reputable websites, your regular doctor, and news stories are all sources that you can turn to when you are fearing fearful, or concerned about health issues.

Give Them a Tangible Demonstration of Support

If you know a healthcare worker, then taking them a casserole or offering to have food delivered can take one more stressor off of their plate. Or, you could surprise the nursing team at your local hospital with a few gift cards to a local coffee shop or tray of cookies. Your gesture doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Every little bit counts when it comes to raising the spirits of a healthcare worker right now.

The typical healthcare worker may say that they don’t expect to receive praise for what they do, but sharing some support goes straight to their heart. Building up those who do the most for society pays off when they can help that one more patient who needs it each day. As your favorite healthcare team heads back to work, their newly lightened spirit benefits everyone in their health care environment.