People around the world have set different milestones for what they call “success.” Not every single person is on a quest for materialistic rewards. Some of us think beyond such pursuits and have dive deeper into ourselves, looking to understood what we really want as humans. At some point in life, when you have met all your basic needs and even earned some comforts, you are hit with the necessity of doing something for your soul. You feel a void in yourself, and you wish to make some efforts toward spiritual awakening.

To be spiritually aware is to attain a greater level of wisdom. A spiritually aware person understands what counts as a priority and what should simply be ignored. It makes you an individual who can define your own purpose life, separate from what is being dictated to you by media, popular culture, and the people around you. Being a self-aware, spiritually awakened individual is a remarkable goal that many people aspire to.

If you wish to unlock the secrets of living a more fulfilling life, here are some habits to incorporate into your lifestyle:

Read inspiring books – For guidance and inspiration, try reading books like The Art of Surrender by Eiman Al Zaabi. Eiman shares how she overcame depression and anxiety by exploring the world, questioning what she discovered, and cultivating a deeper connection with the Divine. She is now a spiritual coach who has helped many people thrive on their journeys of spiritual awakening. Eiman’s book is full of wisdom and life lessons. The Art of Surrender is a beacon of hope for all those who believe in achieving their true potential and living life to the fullest.

Help people – Helping those in need is also important. A person gets an ultimate sense of fulfillment when they can be of use to someone. Whether it is your friends, family, partner, a colleague, or even a stranger, if you can manage to ease someone’s struggles and put a smile on their face, it will go a long way in creating a real sense of meaning. Charity and donations are one way to cleanse yourself spiritually. Volunteering in person can be especially rewarding.

Find solitude – Cut the noise, say no to distractions, put down your phone, and spend some time with you and yourself only. Take a walk in the park or stroll down the beach during the early morning hours. Use the time to reflect on your life. It can have a great impact on your mental health.

Make some art – If you are a talented writer, artist, singer, or any kind of performer, create something using your potential. Make it original and bring up something that is deeply rooted in you. It is a remarkably exhilarating experience to create something interesting using your knowledge and skills.

Practice prayer or contemplation – Prayer and contemplation have been around for ages, and they are invaluable practices to attain wisdom, seek guidance, and find peace. Spend some time daily connecting to the greater power that created you.