Smartphone technology has progressed by leaps and bounds.

There’s scarcely anyone who doesn’t have a phone these days. It’d be a joke not to have one in your possession. Some can’t live without it. Most people can’t take their eyes off their shiny screens. Worse is since you have to something online you fixate on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. And on their part, they stream an endless parade of content 24*7 a day.

In this post, I am going to highlight what smartphones are doing to your health and how you may get the better of it.

Smartphones are responsible for thousands of deaths

More than drinking and driving, texting and driving is one of the leading causes of death in the world now.

The National Safety Council research reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes every year. Nearly 390,000 injuries happen because of these crashes. Thousands die.

Almost 10 die every day because they’re giving their phone their attention rather than to the road.

If you struggle keeping your phone apart from you when driving the best thing you can do is avoid carrying it. The world just worked fine before they existed and will continue on its spin long after. If urgent most offices do support a telephone or you can borrow one from your friend.

If not throw your phone to the backseat. You will find the urge to check updates is not so much because of your inability to getting hold of it.

It’s not only your life but the life of anyone who comes in your way that’s at stake.

Your smartphone is giving you CVS.

When you’re spending a lot many hours staring right across a screen that isn’t exactly health boosters to your eyesight.

Without breaks, your eyes run dry and stop producing enough lubricant to keep things running. Evolution never designed us to stare at a screen for hours straight. We’re supposed to hunt forage and scout for prey. This is also one reason why myopia is so widespread.

You could launch yourself into eyestrain. You could have headaches and blurred sight.

Bad lighting and poor quality screens that result in glare result in exacerbating the problems further.

Often when people are gaming on their android phones they tend to lose track of time.

All of these symptoms are clubbed together into one and called Computer Vision Syndrome.

Don’t use screens much. Cut back and have a 20-second break for every 20 minutes you’re staring at a screen.

You will feel bad

Your smartphone is one reason you’re feeling grumpy all the time. The other reason could be bulking on junk food.

According to Research that appeared in Personality and Individual Differences smartphone usage is linked to poor moods.

People who constantly seek refuge in their shiny companion are just trying to hide their depression or trying to make it go away.

The truth is it won’t. Especially because social media usage is linked to higher incidence of depression. You see others having the time of their life and can’t but gulp down the fact.

Your smartphone is turning you into an insomniac

Hundreds of apps worsen the problem. You can’t get enough of your phone.

Sleep is an unavoidable human condition. We all need couple of hours of sleep every day. Less sleep makes us less sensitive to insulin. It increases blood pressure and forces us to snack on junk food.

Excessive screen times block melatonin production causing us to believe that the night is the day. We tend to lose sleep because of that.