It is time for us to take a personal stand on eco-friendly practices. It is a shame the products we buy are from factories that burn air-polluting fuels. Our bodies also endure a lot daily as we subject them to polluted air and fast foods.

There are many reasons that currently drive the global push to go green. From ensuring economic and social wellbeing, to nature conservation and a sustainable future for humans, it is essential to make a deliberate effort to be part of the fight against climate change.

It is also important to encourage others to do the same. So with that, here are 6 things we can do to go green and make an impact in our environment.

Start a green program in your community

We can clean the beach with our friends, clean the neighborhood roads and educate those around us about the best practices to improve our environment.

Drive green

If we can’t afford a car that doesn’t run on fuel, we can drive less, take a bicycle ride or ride with someone who is going to the same place. We can also use public transport, this often provides a great chance to be involved with the community and get to know those people around us.


UCapture is a free and easy way for anyone to offset their carbon footprint. Their green-tech platform combats climate change by getting companies to pay for carbon offsets, at no extra cost, when users shop.

With UCapture, we can build our own green-economy by incentivizing companies to take part in this initiative.  Companies pay for the cost of carbon through UCapture as a way to attract a loyal, happy customers base.

Use your voice

We may not actively participate if we don’t have the resources for such change, but we can use our voice and vote for environment-friendly initiatives. Some of such endeavors we can advocate for is wildlife protection and tree planting.

Go digital

We don’t need to use paper in a digital age. The more we do online the less paper we need. Instead of sending letters, we may need to send emails instead.

Consider using renewable energy

We should consider using renewable energy. Examples of common renewable power technologies include, low-impact hydroelectricity, biomass, biogas, wind and solar. Even when we have to, we can reduce energy consumption by switching lights off when we leave a room. We can always make the most of natural light by opening up the blinds if it is daytime

A green environment helps us to connect with others and build better relationships. An environment that is green stirs up positive feelings that connect us to others and our environment. The daily decisions we make have several impacts on our environment. While we know that going green is a process that won’t happen overnight, we can take small steps that will eventually pay off and help us attain green-living practices.