When you were born into this world, you were naked, small, you couldn’t walk or even sit. You only had your bare self. You were pure. You were your purest self. It was just you. Something many of us are trying to figure out as adults – who am I? Who am I truly?

As a newborn you didn’t know anything. Everything you are today, everything you know today, you learned – from scratch. Starting with learning how to hold your own head, without someone supporting it. Sitting, walking, eye-hand coordination, speaking, eating and drinking on your own. Look at you today! You are an independent being. You learned countlessly things and yet you are learning something new every day. Take a look at your grandparents, if they wanted or not they had to face new technologies because it is part of our world today. Learning doesn’t stop, no matter the age or circumstances, learning stays a constant in our lives. We can’t prevent it from happening, we consciously or unconsciously learn. With all our senses, we experience new things and our brain and mind memorize them and categorize everything in usable or nonsense.

There are many people out there who, at some point in their life, thought that they had lost it all. Their family, their friends, their money, their image, their health, their sanity – whatever they felt was dearest to them. Some of them became a part of the very few people who we all know, all over the world. After they had lost it all, they build something much greater than they would have ever imagined. Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey and J.K Rowling just to name the first few names that crossed my mind but there are countless people out there who built everything from nothing. Celebrity or not, there are tons of people out there who made the impossible, possible.

Isn’t it funny that people at a young age are allowed to not have their life together? They are allowed to make mistakes, to lose it all. Because, well, they don’t have much to lose, isn’t it? Being young it doesn’t hurt as much to lose the first job or some money because we are just starting out. Whereas an adult, maybe, someone who has already been successful in their career and private life, will be judged harshly for losing those things. I strongly believe and have experienced, that we are the conscious creators of our lives. We create a large part of our lives, beyond what most of us can even imagine. Understanding this, is an incredible power for it is the key to any disaster in a person’s life. Knowing that we inhere the power to change our life, no matter the circumstances given. When we have nothing left, we so carefully built in our lives, we have everything we started out with: nothing. 

When we have nothing left, we so carefully built in our lives, we have everything we started out with: nothing.

We started with nothing as we came into this world. It is no fun to get back to this point but we have been there before and we created an entire life out of nothing. At any time in our life, we can start from zero. We managed to do this as a newborn for around two decades before we were even able to live on our own. Why shouldn’t we be able to do this again, whenever life requires us to? Now, that we are much older, much more experienced, much stronger, much wiser, and already self-sustaining, being able to sit, walk, talk, eat – all of which has been a challenge to us at the beginning of our life. Of course, we had the keen support of our parents or parent figures as kids. But we will always find some kind of support. 

There is no such thing as “self-made”.

Look down. What are you wearing right now? Did you design and sew those clothes on your own? What about your last meal? Did you make it your own? Did you get the vegetables or whatever you ate, from your own garden of farm? What about the water you drank? Did you get it directly from a spring? For most people, the answer to all of that is, no. In order for us to survive daily, we draw from resources from all over the world, including the work and support of many people.

The infinite possibilities of the internet make things easier than ever before in history. We can connect to people we have never even met before. I know, that is nothing new to us anymore. But especially because we are so used to it, we often take it for granted, when it is something to be deeply grateful for. Crowd founding and countless other things make dreams come true, through connecting people with each other. People supporting other people and beings.

We didn’t have those options as little babies or children. And a few decades ago we didn’t have anything of that either. We worked with what was given to us. We made the best of what we had. Observe little kids. The younger, the more outstanding. A little kid, you might remember yourself, can spend several hours playing with the simplest things and creating their own world. Every one of us, still has this ability. The ability to create an entire world, out of the simplest things. When they don’t know how to get what they envision, they ask for help, after they tried everything possible and impossible to make it happen themselves. We still can do that. We don’t lose this ability, we simply don’t use it anymore.

As we grow up, things get more complex. We learn so many things, we are covered in expectations from others and ourselves, beliefs and conditioning. We grew up in the safe hands of our parents until we got taught that the world might not be so safe after all. We fall for this. We fall for the illusion of fear. Fear is a strong emotion that tends to drown faith and trust in the opposite. The worst thing we forget about though, is the faith in ourselves. Faith in our innate power of creation. First, we don’t need anything but that. All we needed to grow up was this strong belief that we can achieve anything. Believing in ourselves, instead of doubting ourselves, is what made it even possible for us to learn all the things we learned so far, plus the support of the people around us. The support of other people though, doesn’t do anything if we don’t believe in ourselves. That makes this so crucial to us. The only thing holding us back from reconnecting to the ability to build everything from nothing, is our mindset. What do we set our mind on?

Isn’t it true that many people have their mind filled with worries, fears, doubts and 95% of their thoughts are the same thoughts every single day? 

What if we decided to set our mind on believing in ourselves? 

What if 95% of the same thoughts we have every day, would revolve around our ideas, imaginations, goals and how to get there? Back to the mindset of the purest version of ourselves. Like a newborn. Plus, the years of experience, knowledge, skills and possibilities we have now as adults. I would call this paradise!