When you hear the word ‘goddess’, chances are you think of Isis, a protector and healer, or Aphrodite, capable of igniting love and desire among gods, humans, even birds and beasts, spring to mind – incredible females you feel are impossible for us mortals to live up to. 

That belief sells yourself short, because you ARE a Divine goddess filled with unique aspects and gifts that only you can share. 

Whether you are reading this in yoga pants or pajamas, let these words ring true and remind you.

You are a goddess.

Each of us are goddesses (and gods), born with a particular personality preference, think Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram with a sprinkling of practical magic. Once you have identified and understand your goddess personality, you can figure out every aspect of your life – and here is the best part – make things so much easier for yourself. 

When you take the time to explore your divine feminine personality within you can connect to yourself, reawake your natural gifts and help to celebrate and support other goddesses. Recognizing and honoring your personality type helps you to love and respect yourself for the amazing goddess you are. 

No more beating yourself up or doubting your gifts.

By identifying your goddess personality you’ll realize why you react a certain way in a situation, understand how to seize the best spiritual techniques for your temperament and reveal the secret to accessing the manifesting vibration to create your dream life!

How did the temperaments come to be?

Ancient medicine originated the temperaments. In 300 BC, physician, Hippocrates labeled them after noticing some of his patients followed instructions, others not so much. Their reactions differed. Hippocrates concluded this was due to varying amounts of bodily fluid levels of: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. Next came Galen (AD 129 – c 200), who established the four types of temperaments. While this is the foundation of all the personality programs, understanding each enables you to quickly identify the personality preference so you can connect and communicate with empathy and understanding. 

If you can balance or access all four personalities, plus trust and take action on your intuition, you become a manifesting maven!

So, who are the four goddess personalities? 

Goddess of Action

You’re able to lead and get the job done. Left-brained, task-oriented and an extrovert. you are self-motivated, determined and achieve whatever you set your sights on. While you can naturally lead or create a successful business, others may not realize your gut instincts fuel your decisiveness. While it may not be easy, be patient with other goddesses and be open to their opinions. 

Call on your inner Goddess of Action when needing to take the needed steps to manifest, make decisions or have extra courage.

Goddess of Order

Left-brained, task-oriented and an introvert, you are deep, logical and loyal. You prefer structure, perfection and are able to go deep into the details. You are a natural fashionista in all areas of your life. Others see your world totally put together and may not think to ask how you’re doing. While it may not be easy, remember everyone doesn’t see things as black and white and may have some rich nuggets in sharing their “gray”. Call on your inner Goddess of Order when creating the tasks for manifesting, writing spells or organizing your sacred space.

Goddess of Optimism

You’re the sunshine in the room. Even when you put a bubble of protection, you’re beaming. Right-brained, people-oriented and an extrovert you often find yourself in the center of attention with others charmed by you. You trust your intuition, however, easily distracted you can forget before you follow through on the insight. When you receive a message, take immediate action. While it may not be easy, please try not to take things personally. People may disagree and still love you while offering a different approach.

Call on your inner Goddess of Optimism when needing to maintain a positive mindset for manifesting, raising your vibration for spirit work or boost others around you.

Goddess of Peace

A natural empath, it’s probably no surprise that you’re right-brained, people-oriented and an introvert. You feel the energy of others, as well as, items, animals and Mother Nature! Unintrusive, beneficial and helpful like you, crystals are your goddess super power. While it may not be easy, try not to procrastinate. Spread your light and love with the world! Call on your inner Goddess of Peace when needing patience for manifesting, receiving divine messages or doing healing work.

If you want to know which is your Goddess personality type or learn more about Goddessology®, then be sure to check out this quiz which will reveal which personality you most align with. 

Then the world truly will be your oyster.