I have seen you from the inside.

Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. Muslim. Christian. Hindu. Jewish.

I have seen the scarlet hue of blood that courses through your veins. I have cleansed your incised skin before it heals and fades into a distant memory. I have peered deeply into the darkest orbs of your anxious eyes, in some ways to assess…in others to connect. I have held your hand and wiped your tears and smiled with you from ear to ear — black and white and Asian and Hispanic, Muslim and Christian and Hindu and Jewish. Any of you. All of you. Those who I have not called by name. From every walk and of life; every color and creed and faith; born in this land or newly ingrained, I will continue to care for you the American way.

I promise to use my knowledge to help you overcome what ails you. I vow to advocate for your safety and security. I assure you that you’re safe with me — and while I cannot always offer you shelter from disease — I can provide compassion and kindness; respect for your dignity; a pipeline to your needs and a sounding board for your fears. I can help ease your pain. I can help calm your worries. I promise to make you feel welcomed and protected, because when illness comes knocking, it knows not on whose door. Health plays no favorites. Death knows no prejudice. The pendulum that swings between the two won’t choose based on who you are or where you’re from or what God you might believe in. Health sees no color. Death knows no verse.

I read my oath as scripture. My calling is my faith. I have shed too many tears and fought too many battles to stand around and pick a side. We are all worthy of compassion. We all deserve a fruitful life, and if that time comes, a dignified death. I have seen your heart beat from within your body. I have known humanity in its purest form. Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. Muslim. Christian. Hindu. Jewish.

We are all the same inside.

Originally published at medium.com