Hardship and Joy Creates Balance
Image by Andreas Riedelmeier from Pixabay

Our journey on this earth is marked with a continual meeting of one’s self. We are constantly meeting ourselves over & over again.  We continually peel back the layers of knowing – especially during moments of hardship & joy.

Hardship & joy creatively work for us. Both reintroduce to us what we need to learn in this life – to be a more balanced, aware & tolerant human being.  In hardship, we are reintroduced to ourselves when we internalize much of what we experience is accredited to our own behavior. Note: Obviously, there are caveats & extreme circumstances outside of our control. For this short explanation- let us think of the hardships you brought on through your own actions.

The reintroduction period to one’s self during hardship can be painful & enlightening. Hardship feels painful and restrictive. During those moments of pain & restriction, we lose sight of what is on the other side – love & growth.  Internalize this notion through contemporary or traditional contemplative practices like mindfulness, prayer, yoga, breath counting or whatever feels right to you.

But internalize that we are all meeting ourselves & learning more about ourselves during hardship. Then take a quiet moment each day to learn hardship’s lesson. Over time, the sting & sharp edge of hardship becomes tolerable & educative.

In happiness or joy, we find ourselves again – becoming aware of the eternal balance that resides within us. You simply must look at where your energy sits most often to rebalance yourself into a more joyous or harmonious state. If you are being too forceful in your efforts – sit still more. Be calm & find your joyful balance. If you are being too passive become consistent or persistent in thought & effort.

In both reintroduction periods of hardship & joy – creative forces work for us like a system of renewal. This continuous system of renewal works as two things – a restoral mechanism & reminder.  We are restoring our mind & bodies – through hardship & joy – to align to the creative principles that govern our existence.

Throughout this process – we are reminding ourselves of something.  The true nature of our existence can be found through a daily process of alignment to creative principles that enrich ourselves & fellow humans.

One of those creative principles is called tolerance. 2020 highlighted we live in an increasingly intolerant society.  The only reason we become intolerant to people, places or things is because we are unable to tolerate ourselves. This is not some spiritual mumbo-jumbo or esoteric wisdom.

Take a hard look in the mirror and see where you can become more tolerant in your daily activities with yourself and fellow humans. Tolerance is the cousin to patience. Tolerate your current hardship without condemnation or harming yourself and others. If you use tolerance in this manner, you will start making the right choices in accordance with the goals or ambitions you want to attain.

There are several more creative principles that work for you, but we need to ask ourselves some questions. We need to understand where we keep meeting ourselves & how to use it as an ascension tool.

What do you keep meeting yourself about?  What do you keep relearning about yourself?

Can you do anything about it?

Do you need more balance in your life?

Do you need more patience, forgiveness, or compassion?

Or maybe you need to learn to be more consistent, persistent or display a toughness in spirit. You know which side you fall on.  Either way, knowing this is simply a meeting of one’s self.  This is a powerful perspective & a lesson that more need to learn. It is my sincerest hope that this spoke to your heart.