We all face our own battles with food one way or another. The way we tackle, and go about making sure we’re happy with what we see when we look in the mirror, is a whole other story. Along with the rest of America, I’ve been known to cling to a fad diet or two in the past. Now, as a lacto – ovo vegetarian (my transition to a lifestyle change), I place food, and my relationship with it, on a very high pedal stool. When I say this, I’m referring to the impact that is has on my life as a whole – not just the role it plays within the realms of the physique. But the position it plays in my Spirit. Stride. & my internal. Strength.

My Spirit

Once I took part in more in depth readings from different sources of all sorts, seeking and paying attention to those that inspire, and speak on food based on how it makes a person feel verses how it makes them look, quality and sustainable eating started bringing me to a happy place.

My Stride

This puts an emphasis on my chosen route, how I go about ensuring that I carefully select the products that I consume. The HOW often has a lot to do with the WHY. Because the reasoning behind why I’m making the transition to a more fruitful approach to eating (Which is no longer to shed off instant pounds), is because it goes – it matches, and supports the core for my growing beliefs. This is why you’ll see different religions following a particular food regime. Why many who not only live, but also stand by their lifestyle, have practices, preferences, and passions that all fall in the same line, all in alignment with who they are which starts from the gut. The bases of our identity stems from who we are from the inside out. Who I am on the inside means more to me than a short fix diet.

My Strength

Food and exercise is an extension of the stab you take at life, mirroring how serious you are when it comes to the effort, and work you put into your well-being. It’s the foundation for self discipline.

This is not to suggest perfection – a perfect way of life, or a perfect day of eating.

It is to encourage you to take a peak into your “WHY” and “HOW” to see how you have/are/plan to incorporate pieces of yourselves into your day to day food endeavors – how you approach “healthy eating” as you learn to design a plan that will allow you to accept yourself from more than a physical standpoint, but from a spiritual and an emotional place.

Why Putting Special Care Into What I Eat Puts Me At Ease

What I eat is an added layer/element to me. It’s a force that contributes to the person in me, following the hopes I have – to continue to live with integrity, represented by things that matter to me. Knowing this, puts me at rest, bringing comfort, fulfillment, and purpose to my life.