I am a certified life coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer.  I am an elementary school teacher.  And I am a mosaic….put together in the most incredible way by merging broken pieces together.  We all are.  However, in today’s society and climate, it’s hard for us to view it that way.

Many of my clients, and even myself at times, compare ourselves to other people constantly.  Comparison and worry go against a higher plan for us.  For me personally, that’s God’s plan.  We worry because we try to control everything, instead of praying about everything.  When we compare ourselves to others, we are basically saying we aren’t good enough as we are…that we were a mistake in the process of being created.

When there is a shift in our thinking, that’s where the power is…that’s where the miracle is.  We acknowledge and give thanks through gratitude and prayer for who we are and what we have.  We add to our testimony and our story.  We become stronger as not only humans, but as a community. 

We all have struggles, we have all made mistakes, and we all have plenty that has happened to us to make us ask the question, “God, why are you doing this to me?”  Trust me, I have plenty that I’ve gone through and I am only in my 30’s.  I grew up in a divorced household, I grew up with substance abuse with one of my parents, I didn’t grow up wealthy, I made a lot of mistakes in college that got me into trouble, I lost my Pastor of my church in a tragic hiking accident on a mission trip to the Himalayas, I lost my dad to cancer, I’ve had horrible relationships where trust was broken, but I still stand as a light for those who are lost.  I refuse to allow the darkness the become the narrative of my story.

When I completely lean in to the beauty that has come from these situations, and the life lessons I’ve learned through these encounters, I realize that I have a story that can help others.  We all have a gift or a story that someone else in the world is dying to experience and hear.  We all have someone who is searching for us, and God will allow your paths to cross with each other when you lean into the fact that we are all beautifully broken. 

There is such hope, peace, and power in knowing that.  That God winks are real, and will act on your life in mighty ways.  He’s dying to hear from us.  Those of you that are parents understand this well.  You hold your children tight and protect them, loving the fact that they rely on you.  Then they grow up, and you just pray one day they’ll come to you and say, “Daddy/Mommy, I need your help with something.”  That’s what God wants, too.  He wants to co-write the next chapter of the book with you.  He wants you to just ask for help, and He’ll be on the edge of His seat waiting until that day.

So, I encourage you today to change the narrative.  Start to heal, and pray, and put the pieces back together in the most inspiring and creative way that you can.  Tell your story proudly.  Take back the power with God from the enemy, and stand firm in the truth that you are beautifully and perfectly made.  That you are a mosaic with a purpose and story. Every one loves a good comeback story!

As an educator, certified nutritionist and trainer, certified yoga instructor, certified life and mindfulness coach, and author of the children’s book – The Grandpa Jack Series, I’d be happy to talk and here your story, and start the first of many conversations designed to help you see your worth and purpose!  Jump over to my website www.thelegacyofjack.com or email me at [email protected] today.