(This is not that kind of post that a lot of people would like or share with their friends but you need to see this).

Have you ever noticed that 10 persons can learn of a transforming idea, and only 2 succeeds with it???

6 out of 10 says, “oh, what a wonderful idea- I would put that into practice. And afterwards, does NOTHING with it.

The other 2 looks at that same idea, and rules themselves out because they feel it is too difficult and stressful. So, they relax, chill and wait for the next one.

And because, this was the group where I belonged, WHEN the next one comes, we repeat the same process.

However, the other 2 that eventually succeeded drags themselves all through that process. Including when they were tired and weak.

They push themselves past their comfort zone, showing up in times they hated because they were willing to succeed.

Because they understood that we are naturally wired to be stay safe…not designed to go the extra mile.

See, everyone gets excited of how David was able to bring down the head of Goliath…

No one remembers how he had to stay up all night, in the cold, protecting his father’s sheep FROM the bears and lions.

How that, inasmuch as he wanted to rest and do the LESS stressful work like his brothers, he kept himself right there tendering the sheep.

Did you recognise that even Samuel came to his Father’s house, to anoint a new King, he was nowhere to be found- and even forgotten.

Till he was called from his place of looking after the sheep.

Look at how many posts that you’ve saved, how many have you executed so far???

Have you returned back to them to see, listen and execute???

We are not that naturally wired.

There’s need to drag yourself through the process…push yourself literally to do the things that would get you to succeed.

The WORK is not ALWAYS easy. That’s the reason, a lot don’t succeed.

We want the easy way. We want comfort but it demands WORK.

Even as I type this, the time is 4:20am.

It’s NOT the time that matters but letting you understand that for you to succeed, you would have to push yourself through your comfort zone.

For that relationship.
For that business.
For that reconciliation.
For literally anything.

You have got to succeed because the world needs what you carry within.

How helpful was this?

Emmanuel Aginam.