I’m thrilled to be taking part in a very important conversation about a better way to ‘return to normal’. I have registered for We Are The New World: Join The Conversation With Optimistic Futurists, which is precisely the kind of conversation the whole world should be engaged in right now. Even if we don’t change anything right away, just the fact that we are having conversations like this positively impacts nature.

Rather than the standard one-way format of listening to experts, there will be a Q&A with the featured speakers, followed by a genuine conversation in breakout rooms moderated by one of the panelists.

We may never again see such an opportunity to overthrow the old ways of being and to be the architects of a new paradigm and we are ready and willing to voluntarily serve in this capacity.  It is our deep concern that many people are privately discussing these ideas but have not yet organized or considered how to reach a tipping point where our voices (of which we believe we may be the silent majority) are heard and unified into action. Our featured panelists serve to help us guide a tangible, action-oriented movement.


Didn’t Learn Our Lesson

The way we’re returning to normal is not so joyful since we haven’t done anything to counterbalance nature’s move. So at least now, let us think about what can be done to reduce the harm to nature, because we are not prepared for that. Before the coronavirus outbreak, we were already doing everything opposite to what you would expect from humans, creatures with the highest emotional intelligence.

We shouldn’t disregard nature as we did in the past, and as we’re apparently returning to do now. It’s good that we’re getting out of lockdown, but not the way we’re going back, because we haven’t learned our lesson. 

You would think the developed part of man would comprehend that it’s impossible to return to the life we had before. How can we return to that place where we totally give in to our cravings and allow them to dictate our lives? The previous momentum we were caught up in was stopped by the virus, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? Where are we running back to? There is nowhere to escape the Earth and it is also the only planet we have. Wouldn’t it be good for us to try to be friendlier to it? After all, it serves us more than we serve it. We didn’t even use it properly during this ceasefire we were given by nature. It seems that we haven’t learned our lesson at all. 

So where should we expect the reaction to come from? From man’s ego. Blows and suffering are the only way to move us. And it appears that this blow was not enough, and that we are bringing upon ourselves additional troubles. We have such a rigid system of commerce in place that even the blows don’t push us to make changes . Even the promise of a better world is no longer enough for us to want to change. So we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. 

We must begin a new path of conversations about a more desirable path, or a different format for existing here. But mainly to begin initiatives like this conversation before we receive more blows. Public opinion must force new limitations on politicians. After all, they are not those taking initiative but simply acting according to the demands of the people. The government is supposed to be a reflection of the people. Yet until we go back to that correct format we must generate demand for a better life from below. 

We must begin creating new momentum for generating changes in public opinion with anyone who is concerned for the public good. 

We are returning to a divided society without any common denominator, but rather more camps than before. There is no advancement in the understanding that we’re all connected, and that we have the ability to influence one another in a positive manner. We prefer to go backwards rather than advance forward. 

Therefore nothing will change without changing public opinion. We must understand that we belong to a system with one very simple rule – a good life for every individual and the entire world, without any exceptions whatsoever. 

We have realized the need to begin assembling more and more like-minded citizens in an effort to create a unifying message and platform from which we can work in unison to take advantage of this window in time for massive change. We know that a “return to normal” after the threat of the virus subsides would be devastating to the citizens of this country and around the globe.” WE ARE THE NEW WORLD


Date Time: May 1, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Featured Panelists: