Every day, every hours, every second we through the time realize or not, being in this time or still stuck in the past. How does our mind still feel the pain in the past and bring it to present? Is it hurt? Yes it is. You still can’t move in your past eventhough your mind and your body want through it all away. So why we still keep the past and didn’t let it go?

But maybe it’s not about letting go, that’s about how we aware that we can’t bargaining with our past. Think about the past that makes us feel guilty, dissapointed, sad and exhausted. However we think to change it, it just the past and we can’t go back to that time. And finally we carry the scars and still hold in so tight until present.

If you feel like this, I know it’s not easy like I say to let it go. But it’s not imposible. Healing is about process and process is about time. Time.

  • Don’t hold it so tight, just let it be

Please don’t hold on your past and your pain so tight. You can’t change it. You can’t control all about what happened in your life and you can’t control how people think about you. And it’s not your fault. You live as how your perspective want to see the world. Don’t force your mind to change the past, just let it be. Relax your shoulder, take a breath, you live in present and past whatever you want just left behind you.

  • Allow yourself feel and get hurt

The one of reason that you still bargaining with your past is probably because you are trying to avoid your pain and still deny it. You’re too afraid to accept the pain as part of your life journey. Remember when you were little and stumbled when you ran? You got hurt and bleeding. Was it healed? Yes, that healed because you realize that you were hurt. You accepted hurt in your body, and also you can accept your pain in your heart. Realize and feel it, that’s not lasting forever. Show your emotion is better than you keep it alone and then feeling numbness.

  • Time will heal you as long as you accept it

Time always gives us a chances to heal, to be better person and bargain with our future. Like hamsters on the wheels, life always up and down. You can be hurt and being happy again. But remember, the wheel rotates because the hamsters moves, step by step or running. So take your time to find meaning in your life. To find something that makes you want to fight it even if in your worst.

Life always about journey. You can start today to bargain with your future and being hero in your story.