Know How Technik Creative Is Quickly Becoming A Global Player in the Digital World.

Omar Adnan has always had a knack for being creative and taking calculated risks at the right time. He made a name for himself after his debut film, “Closure”, was selected to be a part of, Academy-Award qualifying festival, EIFF. That same year, he built a women’s accessories brand online from the ground up, which was eventually acquired by a larger corporation in Eastern Canada. But Adnan had his sights set on bigger ambitions, and there was nothing anyone could say, or do, to stop him. 

In 2016, Technik Creative was established as a content-first digital agency and quickly rose to global-prestige after a video the agency produced featuring one million dollars worth of BMW M car was picked up by Full Throttle, an online community of automotive enthusiasts. The video went on to being spotlighted on BMW Dubai, Dark Side and shared by thousands of people worldwide. “Our team shares a passion for cars; it just seemed like the most logical industry to set our roots in,” said Adnan. “We knew we had a unique flavour of content. We saw an opportunity in the market, and we went all in.” 

In their initial stages, Technik Creative focused on servicing clients exclusively in the automotive industry. “We noticed quite early on that the auto industry wasn’t taking digital advertising seriously,” said Sarthak Sharma, who is a managing partner at the agency and a long-time friend of the agency’s founder, Omar Adnan. “We made it our mission to show automotive groups how social media and content could be leveraged to create longevity, and financial gain -” Sarthak explained. 

The company had its first big break when a marketing director at one of Canada’s leading auto groups came across their work. In a few short months, they had established themselves as the “go-to” agency for automotive content and marketing campaigns Canada-wide. With a plethora of case studies in hand, the agency ventured into servicing clients in the real estate, sports & entertainment, music, retail, hospitality, and medical industry. They’ve already managed to acquire some high-level accounts within Canada, and they’re on track to become a global player. 

Adnan attributes the agency’s success to two core things. The first? “Persistence”, he began. “We never took a ‘no’ to heart. We knew the value of our work and skillset and just kept fighting for someone to give us a shot”. 

The second? “Branding has always been very important to us – with Technik Creative it was all about building up the ‘Technik’ brand and a loyal following, pushing our content to viewers, and using that as a bargaining chip with the companies we wanted to work with,” he said, smiling. 

Technik Creative is on their way to reaching half a million followers on their Instagram, where they share original pieces of content and web series. “Tunes & Whips”, one of their latest series, acknowledges up-and-coming -as well as already established – musicians like Houdini, from Canada, and YSN Flow, from the United States. They also announced a new web-series is in the early stages of production with Canadian-actor Brendan Heard. 

The company has plans to expand outside of Canada, with talks of opening an office in India, Dubai, and the UK.