All you need to know about artist CJ Singh

With globalization, the world is coming closer to each other. The boundaries are vanishing, and technologies are bridging the distances. The main reason India is much closer to the world today than it was five decades back is music. It has kept India close to the world. India has produced many good composers and musicians, some of whom have gained world recognition. Indian music artists today are making their name in the world market. They are getting recognition from abroad and also have fans outside India. One of them is CJ Singh, who has created his own YouTube channel where he regularly posts contemporary and original Punjabi songs. He enjoys sharing the culture of his home state Punjab through songs. 

How did CJ Singh start his journey? 

Charnjit Singh or better known by his stage name, CJ Singh, is a 31-year-old music artist born on October 19th, 1989 in New York City. CJ Singh’s passion for music began at an early age. As a child, he was a talented singer and songwriter. He began learning the foundations of music at an early age. His music talent quickly manifested itself in his unique ability to compose songs and play instruments. Since his college days, he has worked hard to reach his dream of being a full-time musician. For him, writing lyrics of a song and then singing it was a joyful moment in his life. With many years of experience behind him, CJ Singh has started his record label. With Smokey Records, he is in charge of all aspects of the business, including managing the company’s artists and employees. Singh believes in creating music that is genuine and important and will be appreciated for years to come. When he makes a song, he wants the world to listen closely because it reflects his beliefs.

What are the current projects of CJ Singh? 

CJ Singh has been fortunate to work hard for his passion- making music. In his career, he has achieved many things and is known worldwide for his songs. CJ Singh is an artist that brings authentic Punjabi music experience to the audience. He’s writing and singing the new Punjabi songs, composing them, and coming up with some of the most exciting topics in his album and YouTube videos. CJ Singh has a lot of songs that he has written but still hasn’t released. Now with his YouTube channel being active since January 2021, he is all set to release the songs on it. Apart from his YouTube Channel, his songs are available on all music platforms Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. His clients are Punjabis living in the U.K., America, Canada and other parts of the world. His music is translated into various languages so that it can be listened to worldwide but mainly it targets people listening to Punjabi/bhangra/Indian music etc. 

What are the milestones achieved by CJ Singh? 

CJ Singh’s videos have reached 2 Million and his latest release with Dr Zeus reached 1 Million views. His videos are extremely popular as he shows a high level of artistry and professionalism in his songs. The increase in views is slowly but surely growing. CJ Singh is also a licensed Radiologic Technologist. He is making short films using his video clips so he can increase his network to reach more people. His mission is to make high-quality videos while still maintaining his voice as an artist.

What are the goals and plans of CJ Singh? 

CJ Singh is on a mission to showcase his talents to reach the masses. He aspires to work with top celebrities and make meaningful connections. He strives to inspire those around him and hopes to motivate others within the entertainment business. He dreams of joining the cast of popular T.V. shows, making his mark in the music industry, and hoping to inspire others and bring joy to their lives. He usually connects with his fans through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, JioSaavn, and many other online stores. He plans to continue his work and help spread music and positivity around the world.