Blue stars and Red stripes                                                                                                              50 states for 50 dreams                                                                                                                    These are the voices for America’s dream                                                                                               

For Native daughters, who stay rising in the midst                                                                                    of doubtful skies                                                                                                                  For daughters of America’s Black soiling,                                                                                                 doing the impossible,                                                                                                                     through tearful cries

Those migrant daughters of Irish, Italian, Scottish,                                                                                   British, Jewish, and Europe’s landscapes                                                                                                   of decor

A hunger for salvation, to nurture life. . .evermore

The mixture of two nations left fragrance of Mexican                                                                               memories, enchanted and. . .new                                                                                     Ballads of Tex-Mex, whose population re-birthed, and grew

(Photograph By AUC Photographer; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Spring 2017 (March 7, 2017) at the American University in Cairo. . .International Day! The festival holiday, when the nations of AUC are reflected.  For the United States of America, the whispers of famed Black American poet, Langston Hughes, “I, Too, Sing America,” were heard.  

“I Am the Darker Brother”. . .an understanding, and one of the most powerful points in the poem; highlighting Black America’s invisibility in the American quilt.  

An authentic part. . .at that!  

Yet, on International Day, a Daughter of Black America’s soiling, and a Maiden spraying perfumes of Irish memory. . .were there. 

“The Sound of AUC,” was the theme for International Day, Spring 2017.  Musical traditions of nations would be performed.  Students, staff, faculty, and guests would truly get to hear the tunes of nations.  

(Photograph By AUC Photographer; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

(Photograph By AUC Photographer; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

For USA (pride of that red, white, and blue), the sounds of the 1940’s Pin-Up Darling, and 1970’s Soul Power Sista’ Girl, sang images of the “American Theme.” Blasting from a selection of Country, R&B, Soul, Rock n’ Roll, Pop, Blues, and the numerous musical traditions of 50 states that became. . .American. 

Visitors to the US booth received the chance to view the authenticity of American culture.  The legacy of Black America was there.  Her music, labor, creativity, and foundation for a dream. . .called, America!  

A precious breeze from Irish Springs, relayed a story of migratory quilting.  

A painful history lays in the interaction of these two cultures.  Yet, how magical the feminine in re-birthing healing imagery, between two peoples!  

That’s the magic of time!

(Photograph By AUC Photographer; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

The beauty of the US booth to the Egyptian community was that of truth!  The real America, not Hollywood’s fiction of it.  A reality that almost seemed to mirror Egyptian landscapes.  For darkness and light to both have their place!  Mirrored reflections of the other.  

I Too, Sing America

“I am the Darker Sister.” A shock to some, who crossed into US territory.  

“Excuse me?  Do you speak English?”

A common question by those finding it odd, or peculiar, to see a “Darker Sister,” inside the US booth.  Symbolic decorations of America’s treasures educated the space.  

And then, of course, there was the cooking.  The delicious smell of American pancakes.  Nothing better than the smell, and mouth-watering scent of good, old-fashion, homemade pancakes.  Not to mention hot dogs, pasta, and donuts (donuts of an Egyptian touch).  

Remembering those summers when brother and I went to the blueberry farms to pick blueberries. Stories sang memories of a generation before, who used such fields in their mastery of travel.

(Photograph By AUC Photographer; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

What a delight to see Egyptian youth come to embark on a small taste of America!  An Egyptian colleague was in attendance.  Managing to bring two American dames together (assisting in the purchase of decorations and ingredients for culinary delight) in the presentation of America’s story. 

Silent, secretive, and sneaky attempts were made to prevent this.  

Poor, little Souls! How ignorant they were of American Flowers!

Nevertheless, complementary flowers of America’s daughters were there. Darkness and light.  

A phenomenon, unusual in the coloration of brave reds and blue cries.  It’s why her Black daughters specialize in violet dreams.  Marching in the parade was a reality come true.

(Photograph By AUC Photographer; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Knowing that in a time when America was questioned, the brave two continued to make her light shine in a distant land!

A true test, and testimony, in being committed to the Spirit of the American Dream! 

Whether at home. . .or along the sailing seas!

We sing America!  Vigilant ballads of freedom, we speak! Singing America. . .                                                            while dancing her, DREAM!

(Photograph By AUC Photographer; Edits Lauren K. Clark)

(Photograph By AUC Photographer; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

(Photograph By AUC Photographer; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)