Earth Day, April 22, 2020 Founder Kunal Sood will commence the first ever two day  #WeThePlanet virtual summit. Making the Impossible Possible: From COVID-19 to Climate Change.  We expect it to be a deeply immersive and intimate group of change makers and exponential leaders to usher in a new era of prosperity and human flourishing
Please note the summit will start online at 6:00AM PST/9:00 AM EST sharp at WE THE PLANT   Please join in and participate, we look forward to having you at the first-ever #WeThePlanetX Summit. To the future!

#WETHEPLANET Unites Global Leaders with Youth to Make the Impossible Possible to Transform Our World for a Better Future with Icons for the Planet like Deepak Chopra, Satya Hinduja, Ricky Kej, and Salim Ismail.

#WeThePlanet is championed by global leaders and icons who challenge humanity to reimagine a better approach to planet, people, peace, prosperity, and partnership to protect all life on the planet, and safeguard cities and nations from the negative effects of climate change & global health pandemics like COVID-19.

Here is the two day program for your review! I am so exciting about Doctor Mark Hyman, MD my sister Anna Chonacas turned me onto him about a year ago!

Two day program for your review
Artist Leona Lewis & Kunal Sood – At the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 21 September 2019, Founders Kunal Sood and Laura Muranaka launched We The Planet and the #WeThePlanet campaign alongside the Youth Climate Summit during UNGA Week. Sood and Muranaka created the global platform and campaign for intergenerational impact to go far beyond ‘We The People‘; and unite in action as WE THE PLANET.

During September 2019, amid the United Nations Climate Summit, Founders Kunal Sood and Laura Muranaka hosted a small group of extraordinary citizens at the United Nations, and presented Student and Climate Activist Xiye Bastida with the We The Planet Moonshot Hammer Award for Climate Action. Not allowing the COVID-19 pandemic to stop their march forward. I was there, it was such an amazing event! The official launch of #WeThePlanet as a global campaign was inaugurated by H.E. Thomas Remengesau Jr., President of Palau with Founders Kunal Sood and Laura Muranaka on 23 September 2019, where the President signed the #WeThePlanet Pledge to usher in a new decade of global prosperity and climate action


About Kunal Sood: Forbes named Kunal Sood, Founder and CXO of X Fellows and X Summit, and Founder of We The Planet and NOVUS, as one of the World’s Icons of Impact. With over 20 years of experience as a social impact strategist, producer, and entrepreneurSood is on a mission to make the impossible possible. Sood produced and launched Music X Impact at SAP Next-Gen in New York City with Grammy Award-winning artists. From serving in the slums of Mumbai as a Global Health scientist with Harvard to building global movements at the United Nations General Assembly with industry tech titans such as Marc Benioff, and Heads of State like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sood is uniting exponential leaders to shift the narrative around social impact and entrepreneurship worldwide. Sood earned his MBA at Kellogg School of Management, and earned Master’s degrees from UCSF and the University of Pennsylvania.
About Laura Muranaka: Founder of We The Planet and Oranda Ventures, Laura Muranaka is on a mission to protect all life on the planet. Muranaka has written, created, strategized, and launched global initiatives with the best minds in the world. In building global movements at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, she has placed life on land, life in the oceans, and entrepreneurship at the forefront of her work. Muranaka was selected for the inaugural Economy of Francesco by Pope Francis and the Vatican to reimagine our approach to planet, people, peace, prosperity, and partnership

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