The past few months have been unlike any other. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a crisis that has not been seen since the Spanish Flu of 1918. While there are some people who believe the COVID-19 pandemic is in the rearview mirror, this is not the case. The reality is that the pandemic is continuing to rage all over the world. This has led to not only a public health crisis but also an economic crisis as well as a crisis involving mental health issues. Even though this is a difficult time, it is important for everyone to stick together. As long as we stick together, we will make it through this crisis. That is where one charity, the Instituto Dana Salomão, has been making a difference and I am honored to help in their corona efforts.

Taking a Look at the Public Health Crisis

The public health crisis created by this virus is obvious. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have been killed by this pandemic. Countless others are going to end up with long-term health complications. Sadly, some parts of the world, such as Brazil, have been overlooked. The Instituto Dana Salomão is trying to raise donations for Brazilians in need of assistance. They have worked hard to collect hand gel, masks, and other necessary supplies to parts of Brazil that are in danger of being overrun. Where the Brazilian government has been derelict in its duty and there are shortages or issues of affordablity the Instituto Dana Salomão has stepped up. Luckily these supplies are plentiful in Israel and I have been sending her frequent shipments from Israel of hand gel, fun character children’s masks and other supplies to distribute within the favellas of Brazil’s capital district.

About 600-800 kids are estimated to live on this street

An Economic Crisis on a Global Scale

In addition, the Instituto Dana Salomão has also been able to provide economic assistance to citizens in need as well. In addition to medical supplies, many families are lacking basic necessities such as food and water. In this manner, the Instituto Dana Salomão has expanded its mission to provide humanitarian aid to those in need. Sadly, there are many Brazilians who are spending their time on the street. Not only is this bad for infection control but it also worsens an already terrible homelessness situation. The Instituto Dana Salomão in the process of setting up a communal bakery to provide subsidized food.

Mental Health Issues Are Being Overlooked

Finally, there is also a serious mental health crisis that has been made worse by COVID-19. Already, there are hundreds of millions of people all over the world who suffer from issues such as depression and anxiety. Due to rising levels of unemployment, the prospects of contracting a deadly virus, and uncertainty surrounding the future, mental health issues are only getting worse. The good news is that there are telehealth options available to those who need assistance. Nobody should feel like they have to go through these difficult times on their own.

Unity Over Division

The pandemic has created a polarizing atmosphere where people appear to be hypervigilant and suspicious of one another. This is not the right attitude to take. Instead, everyone has to come together and support one another during this difficult time. The only way that we are going to make it out of this with our identities intact is if we take the time to help one another. That is the lesson the Instituto Dana Salomão is trying to teach. Everyone should look at this charity as an example. Everyone is capable of making a difference.