Wearing Things You Love Doesn’t Have To Be Materialistic

Clothes can mean a lot of things to people. They can help you feel comfortable in different situations too. When you’re on the job, working out, relaxing at home or doing yard work, you need clothes that allow you to move around without restrictions. They help you make a good first impression, whether your on a job interview, a first date, or meeting that special someone’s parents. And then there are the clothes that make you feel good just because they are your favorite. Clothes are a great way to express your personality, unique style, and just have fun.

Clothes for Comfort

No one wants to work out in a business suit of high heels. That’s what workout clothes were made for. We’ve come a long way from the only options of gray, black, or blue “sweats.” Today, activewear has evolved into lines of garments that are not only comfortable, but stylish too. You can find everything you need for a morning run, spin class, or just running errands in styles and colors for every figure.

You can find shirts and shorts that wick moisture away, keeping you dry during your workout, to special bras that help keep you “in place.” Compression clothing is another great option for workout gear. These garments are specially woven to provide a snug fit that offers support and helps improve circulation.

Clothes Make the Man and the Woman

When you wear an outfit that fits just right and makes you feel like a million bucks, you often find you have an added confidence, no matter what the situation. For women who care most about comfort but don’t want to sacrifice style, a secret find are wireless bras. As all women know, we race home to take off our bras, so why not try a bra that feels good too? For some, a power suit can ramp up the confidence you need to walk into a boardroom or pitch a proposal. There’s something to be said for the old expression, when you look good you feel good.

Of course, the fit is not the only aspect of your attire to consider. The color of your clothes also plays a part in how you feel and how you show your off personality. Red for risk takers, black or white make great options for interviews as they represent authority and goodness, and try out some purple if you are the creative type and want people to know it.

Clothes That are Good for the Planet

The “green” movement has come to clothing as people are foregoing animal-based materials like suede and leather and turning to renewable, natural options like cotton and even bamboo. Vegan leather is popular for shoes, belts, and handbags as well.

And then there are the clothing companies that are doing more to give back. For example, when you buy something from the Toms brand, they give something to people in need. Shoes for shoes, glasses if you buy eyewear and even training for school counselors if you buy a backpack. Other companies doing their part include LemLem, Article 22 and Visible Clothing.

The reasons for selecting a particular piece of clothing are as varied as the people choosing them. However, one driving force motivates us all, we want to feel good about them. We want to feel good in them, both physically and mentally, and we want to feel good about them too. So choose your clothes wisely and get all the feels you’re looking for.