Manifesting Your Dream Career Before Being Ready.

You determine that you’re not ready to call yourself a writer, an actor or an attorney. Because you know you don’t deserve it and because there are others out there better than you. You add “aspiring” in front of your dream profession and start wearing this badge because you are not ready to shed off your skin of insecurity. You may be losing to those who regardless of their skills and level decided to already wear the badge of what they want to become.

They live their dreams, step into them checking if they are really their dreams.

This is what lifestyle design is all about — trying a dream like a pair of jeans because who knows if the dream is really our dream without trying it and living it.

Maybe we’re dreaming the wrong dream and wasting our time and efforts on pursuing the wrong path. Those who try living their dream have time to pivot, change direction and refocus on what really fulfills them. They carefully design their lives regardless of social pressures and other constraints. There is no thinking outside the box for them, they don’t have any boxes, period. They set their own rules, try, experiment and end up truly living their dream. They don’t think about the long discovery process. They enjoy the steps because they know they’re on the path to greatness.

They don’t care how the world defines adequacy. They are aware of what their dream is and they’re building it by living it now regardless if they feel ready. They manifest and wobble on their dream path asking around for guidance. One day when they can finally stand on their own, everyone thinks that they woke up like that.

Others, who are still in their aspiring stage blame the economy, or lack of innate talent finally deciding that their dream is not actually their dream. This gives them piece of mind and they come to terms with passively coasting in their status quo living by default.

Their current situation is certain and they don’t need to go through the temporary discomfort. They change their focus enjoying their life outside work and count the years until retirement. They realize that there are those whose lives are way worse then theirs and thinking about that makes them come to terms with what they have no matter the level of dissatisfaction.

And then there are those who decide to manifest their dream career by living it. They do whatever they can to make it happen.

Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility. — Grant Cardone.

They live by these words as if there was no other option.

I met my friend John in NYC when he was starting his career as a hairdresser but I’ve never heard him say that he was a hairdresser. He was a celebrity stylist. That’s who he was because he said so and lived my it. He wore this badge with pride applying for work at fashion shows offering his services for free. His portfolio was full of shots from different shows showing work, which he was not compensated for. However when he was showing it to get other jobs, no one was asking how much he was getting paid. His potential clients were impressed how much he has been working, impressed to the point that they started hiring and paying him. John became a celebrity stylist but as far as he was concerned, he’s always been one.

How can we mirror John, how can we step into his courage and live the life we want, without aspiring, wanting to become and other layers of insecurity and feelings stopping us from living our dream?

To embrace our confident attitude, we need to stop using excuses. Economic conditions are always going to be challenging and yet there are millions who thrive no matter what. It’s widely proven that grit and consistency is far more important than talent. We don’t need to be born with anything, we can become, we can be. It’s a matter of announcing it to the world and ourselves.

Who are you now? Can you replace your badge that you’ve always been wearing with the one that you dream about? Yes, you can! There’s no dream police checking on how much you’ve been living your dream. You can start living it now. The world will embrace you and look up to you as inspiration. Don’t be afraid to wear your too large wings. Your courage will make them fit in no time. I bet they may be even fitting now. Just try.

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